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Watch a video about our creative process, filmed for Sony’s CES keynote this week. Warning: contains 800% of your daily colours allowance!

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Happy Christmas folks!

2013December 14th

Wowsers, 2013 is nearly over? What a crazy, busy and fun year we’ve had, eh? We’re all super tired, and in need of a good break, which is lucky because IT’S CHRISTMAS!
Thank you all for your support this year, as always. We’re all so incredibly happy that so many of you enjoyed Tearaway, we’ve been pretty overwhelmed by all the lovely things you’ve had to say about it, thank you so much!
What will next year bring? Hopefully some news on our next project, oh yes, but first a rest.

Last year we gave the Tearaway Papercraft Elk a little festive makeover, and we thought you might enjoy it once again -  Once made, we think it makes for a rather unique Christmas ornament!


So grab your scissors and glue, and build yourself a Tearaway Reindeer to add some Christmas sparkle to your home -  the pattern is here.

Oooooh! Download the Tearaway Papercraft Reindeer.

Don’t forget that for those who have played the game, you have a nice selection of festive papercrafts to pick from too, like the snowflake or presents!

We’d also like to inspire you to create some festive snowflakes in Gibbet Hill. Here’s some examples to get you started!

If you do happen to make a snowflake or a Reindeer, please send us a picture to our twitter account - @tearawaygame -  and don’t forget to upload pics to That goes for any festive Tearaway things you make!

Merry Christmas folks,

Love and kisses, Mm xxx



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The folks from Polygon followed us around for a while, and put together their various findings into this huge making of Tearaway article. It’s a story about the history of the game, and how it grew from the splendidly weird thing that it used to be, to the splendidly weird thing it is today!

Crowle, using his ability for describing things simply, summarizes Tearaway’s development in three acts.

Act 1, he says, was a mix between a dungeon crawler where players attack enemies and loot their remains, and the classic arcade game Qix where players cut out sections of the floor. In practice, that meant players used their fingers to cut out Sandpit’s ground, with Vita’s camera showing a real world video feed below it. So players would cut out the ground around an enemy, and the enemy would “fall out of the game,” at which point players would “unlock” them and be able to make them in papercraft form outside the game.

The project’s second act, says Crowle, came with two big ideas: The team added a character in the world who could run around the player’s fingertips, and gave the game a new open world role-playing structure. For much of this period, the game took on the name “Uncovery.”

Crowle, always looking for visual ways to explain things, wrote and animated a comic book showing how it would work. An “adventurer” with a boxy look and a camera around his neck would explore the world, find animals to ride, take photographs of the world and earn experience by snapping shots of specific items.

Read the full article over on Polygon

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Super plush-smith Anna The Red made this incredible iota case for her PS Vita.

We are in love. With the case and with Anna. So much love!

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Scraps on stilts!

2013November 17th

A stomping Scrap on a stilt may look scary, but even these nasties can be dispatched.

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Do you dare enter The Lab?

2013November 15th

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Taking revenge on the Scraps!

2013November 10th

The Scraps have formed a tower of defence, but they are no match for Atoi who can roll into a ball to dispatch these meanies!

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