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Tearaway is a game set in a papery world, which means that if you wanted to, you could craft the entire game from paper in the real world – and that’s exactly what we hope people will do!

To help you along your way, we’ve filled the game will collectable papercraft plans, which you can unlock as you journey through the world. As you play, you’ll come across creatures, plants or objects that appear to be drained of their colour. Taking a picture of them with your character’s in-game camera restores their colour, and unlocks their plan.

Each plan has various different skins – blank ones, or colourful ones, so you can either make something that looks like it does in the game, or customise them to look completely different and unique to you.

The plans will be accessed on our community website, where you’ll find everything you’ve unlocked so far, and from here you’ll be able to print them out, make them, and fill your house with papercraft!

The journey doesn’t end there though. Once you’ve made your papercraft model, you can upload a picture of your creation to the website to share it with the world, and you can browse everyone else’s models to get inspired.

Get your scissors and glue ready for Tearaway’s release on 22nd November! In the meantime, feel free to get practising on the plans we’ve released so far, and check out some of the incredible community creations already being made, over on

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Tearaway is about going on an adventure. It’s a very personal journey between two people: you, and your new messenger friend. If you’re going on an adventure, you’re likely going to see lots of amazing things, and you’ll probably want to tell people about them. That’s why we gave iota and atoi their own cameras!

As soon as we put the camera into the game, the whole studio started documenting and sharing their journeys through the vibrant papery landscapes, and in addition to providing us with mementos, it was clear that it could be a great avenue for creativity too. If you know anything about us, you’ll know that’s something we can’t help but include in our games.


You’ll be awarded the camera early in the game, it comes with kit lens, with a nice depth of field, and you can get snapping straight away. To unlock new lenses and special filters, you’ll need to collect confetti; little colourful bits of paper you’ll see throughout the world. You can spend this confetti on numerous things, including camera items.


There are five additional lenses to collect, each brings something different. There’s the Macro lens for close-ups, a zoom lens for capturing distant scenes, a high speed lens for fast moving objects, a wide angle for capturing more of the scene, and finally, the Quantum Lens, for capturing photos of the real world using the PS Vita’s front and rear cameras.


On top of the different lenses, you can unlock a set of filters help you get super arty. These filters could be warming or, cooling, put everything into negative or turn a scene black and white… There are 15 filters in total, all with their own special effects and properties.
Once you’ve taken a snap you’re particularly proud of, you can share it with your friends via Facebook or Twitter, or with the world at large via our Tearaway community website. We can’t wait to see what you guys manage to capture and share come 22nd November!

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Tearaway at PAX Prime

2013August 27th

We’re going to be at PAX Prime this week, if you’re going to be there too, then make sure to come and say hello at the PlayStation area of the Expo. We’ve got lots of Tearaway things going on, and you’ll be able to get your hands in the game too. Check out the poster below to make sure you don’t miss out!

For those of you who can’t make it, we’ll be live streaming a playthrough of the showfloor demo on friday at around midday local time (that’s 8pm in the UK). Come and watch us on’s live PAX Coverage.

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Tearaway’s release date is fast approaching, and to celebrate our new game’s forthcoming release, we thought we’d have a bit of fun with our previous game, LittleBigPlanet, and hold a Tearaway themed LBP contest!

We’re asking for people to create a level for either LBP 2, or LBP Vita that’s inspired by Tearaway.
To help you on your way, we’ve put together an LBP sticker pack with 36 Tearaway themed stickers, plus a music track too. You don’t need to use any of them in your level, but we thought they might help!

To enter the contest, make your level, and upload it as normal, but include the tag [TearawayCompetitionEU] in the name somewhere. The entries will be judged by us at Mm based on Tearaway-ness, creativity, and originality, and the winner will receive a PS Vita, and of course, the Rare Prize Crown! Four runner’s up will win some signed Tearaway artwork.

Get creating folks!  Don’t forget to check out the rules and things over on the official contest page.

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Tearaway Release Date…

2013July 29th

Here at Media Molecule we love to make new things on new platforms. To us, making games is a real labour of love. Our very blood, sweat and tears are poured into every pixel, every line of code, every note in every song, and every little post it note we use to plan our lives. 

Tearaway is our first handheld game, set in a totally new world, with characters on a new adventure. Throughout development we have constantly explored all the ways we could think of to create the most fun and enjoyable experiences possible on a PS Vita, whilst also learning how to make a 3D creative platformer! We are really proud of the work we are doing, and are really excited to share it with you!

We are now in the final stages of development, and have come to the realisation that we need a little more time than we anticipated to finish the game; to tie all of the mechanics, story and amazing visuals together into the adventure that we want you to play. To give us that time, we’ve decided to move the release date by one month, from mid-October, to November 22nd.

We’re really, really sorry for the minor delay, we promise you hand on heart that the wait will be worthwhile! Thanks for being patient, please don’t be too cross with us, lots of love, Mm xxxx

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At E3 we launched another papery creative challenge for you fine folks, and you took to it like a cheetah takes to rockets.

We’ve just spent a gruelling hour debating the winners, and we’ve picked three. That’s three winners…. plus also three runners-up.

The winners will receive some framed, signed artwork, and the runners-up will get a little goody bag of treats that we’ll put together from things we have lying about the place.
We’ll also attempt to send a tiny gesture to everyone who entered, as a little thank you!

You all made such great squirrels, we can’t wait for the next challenge!
Ok, without further ado….

The Runners-Up




The Winners!


Emily Vanelverdinghe


Congratulations all, we’ll be in touch soon! Check out all the other entries on our Pinterest gallery below, and stay tuned for more creative challenges!

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