Media Molecule PMoly

Working here

Media Molecule is a super focused, small (50 person) development team, working entirely on new exciting IP for PlayStation. Having shipped two award winning Playstation 3 games, we’re taking the ‘Creative Gaming’ mantra into entirely new and even more ambitious areas.

At Mm we maintain a ‘family’ vibe, where every person is responsible for their own direction and collaboration. We got rid of separate code, art, design departments, and instead we all sit together to create and work as closely as possible.

We've found that the most brilliant people can use their talent and knowledge of the latest and greatest techniques, not to tick an engine feature off a milestone list, but to freely and quickly collaborate, pushing back the boundaries of what’s possible in a console game. Whether it's hardcore maths, procedural art, refreshing level design, the latest rendering techniques, or whatever; we’ve seen that the best way to realise those grand ideas is through simple, beautiful code and well defined tools. In other words, raw talent complements our freeform approach to crafting games.

Since 2006, we’ve focused on iteration time (for everyone, not just designers), and whilst building Tearaway, our recently announced PS Vita Game, we've discovered that regular focused ‘game jams’ within the constraints of the overall game design have been a massively productive way to try out ideas quickly, so that we can then finesse them into shiny, perfect console experiences.

If you have honed your game-crafting skills to a diamond point, but need a collaborative environment to wield them, Mm is the place for you!

The Mm studio is situated in the historic English town of Guildford. It’s a friendly office jam packed with computers, pink carpets, interesting people, and is spread over two floors; one for working, one for playing.

The studio floor where we make games is bright, colourful and open-plan. We have comfortable ‘thinking’ and quiet spaces, as well as a ‘get whatever you need to do your work’ approach to IT, tools and software. We also feel its important to clear our minds and relax too, so our upstairs area is a huge open space where we can gather to eat and play together. There’s an arcade cabinet & video games area laden with bean-bags, a ping-pong table, a BBQ sun-terrace, and a fully stocked kitchen with an oven, just incase you want to bake some cakes for everyone. The area is also often used for our in-studio classes like Yoga or life drawing.