Making our Dreams: Kareem at the VFX Festival

Our Art Director, Kareem took to the stage at the VFX Festival in London earlier this year, to give a talk called 'Making our Dreams': a talk exploring the principle of expressive UGC and world design.

Vfx Festival

The festival, held at Rich Mix East London's independant art's venue, is a celebration of the UK's creative industries giving attendees a chance to hear from the experts themselves, along with showcasing all the fantastic opportunities emerging within VFX, Games, Animation, Motion Graphics and VR/AR.

We were delighted to be invited along to give a talk, and we instantly knew Kareem would be perfect for the job. He is the 'Kareem of the crop' after all (thank you @Sackinima). ;)

Here's some snaps of Kareem in action. His talk was also filmed and we've got the full video below!

Kareem Making Dreams At The Vfx Festival 1

"Prolificness is the only way to find your good stuff."

– Kareem Ettouney

Enjoy folks! Take it away Kareem...

Media Molecule: Making our Dreams. VFX Festival 2017 Talk.

But that's not all! Feast your eyes and ears on this exclusive interview with Kareem, right from the VFX Festival :)

Media Molecule Interview - VFX Festival 2017


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