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Hey everyone, we *really* need to hire for a very specific role here at Mm Towers; a gameplay programmer - someone who can code, but is also a designer.  and can code gameplay that feels great to play!

To better explain what we’re looking for in this role, we asked one of our existing gameplay programer, and also technical director, Dave to talk about it into a video camera, so we could spread the word!

If this sounds like you then you should apply for a job! If it sounds like someone you know, then please can you share it with them? In fact, could you please share it around for us just in case someone sees it and is the exact person we are looking for? Thank you, you’re the best!

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Are you going to PAX? We have some cool news! We’re teaming up with our friends at Guerilla, Naughty Dog, Sony Santa Monica, and Sony Xdev to bring you the PlayStation WWS Community Exchange, and we’ve got a big pile of fun waiting for you there.

You’ll be able to come and chat to community leads and take part in daily contests, raffles, give-aways, AMAs, gaming, and all sorts of other things too! Perhaps more excitingly, we have a huge pile of highly collectible PlayStation memorabilia for you to take home, some free, some for prizes, and some for sale in our mini merch store. This merch is rare, coveted, largely exclusive to PAX East 2014, and is guaranteed to sell out.

Tearaway loots

We’ve put together a host of Tearaway items that you can get for FREE via give-aways, trade or with purchases at our store.

  • Yes! That’s an official PAX iota Pinny! Come and find one of the WWS community managers to trade or just bargain for one of these. With only 1000 in circulation, they’re going to be pretty rare!
  • We’ll be giving these Tearaway posters away throughout the weekend, come and see us to find out when.
  • These iota and atoi phone charms will be FREE with every purchase at the booth, while stocks last, and limited in number each day, so come early to avoid disappointment!

PlayStation Family (#PSPax)

To commemorate our first ever community-driven booth we’ve made a PlayStation Family Limited Edition PAX East 2014 T-shirt. These beauties are limited to 500 shirts total and will be sold for $20 so be sure to get one while you can.

See below for a preview of the other merch we’ll have available to win or buy at the show.
Be sure to check out the full post about our joint PAX activities over on the PlayStation blog for more information! See you next week, and remember to tweet us using #PSPax, ciao.

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Happy St Patrick’s Day folks! We hope you are all having lots of fun celebrating today!

Our resident baker-extraordinaire Tess has been busy rustling up an Irish treat for us Molecules today, in the form of a Chocolate Guinness Cake, complete with Irish Cream Cheese Frosting! Delicious! We’ve all enjoyed nomming on this beauty today, as evidenced by the photo below which shows what’s left of the ginormous cake!

If you’re curious to know how to make this Irish extravaganza yourself, read on below for the full recipe, and don’t forget to let us know how you get on if you do give it a go!

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Kotaku Australia interviewed our super-star studio director Siobhan about how she found her way into the games industry, the women who supported her path through it, and why, as a woman in the industry, she feels the need to be as visible as possible.

For years Siobhan sat on a BAFTA community. She looked at the surveys, she became bewildered and depressed. The facts were clear: young women were showing zero interest in becoming a part of the games industry. “They weren’t seeing people like them in the games industry,” she explains. They weren’t seeing people like Siobhan Reddy.

Rather importantly, we also learn of Siobhan’s mission to put right an incredibly unfair wrongdoing.

The year was 1988 and a nine year old Siobhan Reddy had a big problem. Gremlins had been showing on Channel 9, but it was shown way past her bedtime so she couldn’t watch it. Clearly this was an issue that had to be rectified. And if someone was going to address this problem it might as well be Siobhan.

Read the full interview over on Kotaku Australia.

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Behind the scenes of the Sony CES keynote, which featured our very own Rex Crowle, and his very own colourful doodles.

Watch a video about our creative process, filmed for Sony’s CES keynote this week. Warning: contains 800% of your daily colours allowance!

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A group of independent film makers hope to tell the story of the Britsh video games industry, from the bedrooms of 1979 to the huge, global, billion dollar industry it’s grown into today. Their new film - Bedrooms to Billions - will feature interviews with “virtually every major UK contributor in game development, art, music, publishing and journalism over the last 30 years”  including a nice long interview with our very own Mark Healey, and the story of LittleBigPlanet.

The film is currently seeking funding via Kickstarter, and whilst they have reached their initial goal, they are now hoping to reach their stretch goals so the can make the film even better!

‘From Bedrooms to Billions’ is a two hour feature length documentary film telling the remarkable, true story of the British Video Games Industry from 1979 to the present day and how the creativity and vision of a relatively small number of individuals allowed the UK to play a key, pioneering role in the shaping of the billion dollar video games industry which today, dominates the modern world’s entertainment landscape.

If you want to hear the rest of the interview with Mark, and learn the story of the British video games industry, then check out the Bedrooms to Billions Kickstarter.

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We need a: Web Designer!

2013April 18th

Oooooh!Media Molecule are seeking an experienced web designer, to help us build the web experiences for our in-house web projects and our upcoming games and services.

We’re looking for someone with strong visual design ability and the level of technical ability you’d expect from years of experience working on the web. The traditional Web Designer: Part front-end designer, part front-end developer.
As a web designer, you’ll have many loves. Primarily, you’ll love creating visually stunning, thoroughly enjoyable experiences on the web. The web is a passion for you, it’s massive potential and constantly evolving limits help drive you,  and because of that you’re in tune with what’s happening in the bleeding edge of web technology – knowing what else you can play with excites you!

Read the full job description on our jobs page...

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We need a: UI Designer!

2013March 19th

Media Molecule is looking for an incredible UI designer to help us make more amazing games!

This is a senior role, working across different projects on different platforms you will be responsible for promoting a human centred design approach throughout all aspects of Media Molecule’s prodigious output. Although primarily focussed on game UI, expect to get involved in all aspects of the creative process from pitching through to tools development and games design.

As a passionate but pragmatic advocate of all things UX you will be able to suggest and deliver solutions that will make our games better. This will involve being thoughtful, flexible and able to collaborate in a small, tightly knit and ambitious team. You are an engaging talker, designer and presenter who will be able to nurture the fleck of an idea, getting buy in from your peers and then developing it into something that might just revolutionise the world of games.

Oooooh! Oooooh!

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“What I think an IT person looks like”, by Lila aged 10

On Friday 8th March 2013 (International Women’s Day), three very excited ladies from Media Molecule attended the Little Miss Geek ICT School Takeover Event held at Queen Elizabeth’s Girls’ School and St. Saviour’s & St. Olave’s in London. The purpose of the day was to inspire and provide an insight to girls in year seven about what it’s like to work in technology.

But what is Little Miss Geek I hear you shout?

Little Miss Geek is a non-profit, social arm of Lady Geek founded by Belinda Parmar.

“The aim is to do for the tech industry what Jamie Oliver did for school dinners; to cause a nationwide change from the ground up.”

The problem we have is that the technology industry is suffering from a gender imbalance at the moment and the numbers of women involved are declining every year.

At Media Molecule 22% of the workforce is female, 12% of which work hands-on with the games it makes which is actually a higher number than other development studios have. Little Miss Geek has provided some scary but true facts about the technology industry:

“Women only make up 17% of the UK’s tech workforce and this has been falling by 0.5% each year = we need to encourage more women to want to work in the tech industry.

There was only 1 girl for every 11 boys in the average UK A-Level computing class in 2011. Girls account for 56% of high education applicants but only make up 14% of Computer Science and I.T. subjects = we need to excite girls to want to study computing, so they are more knowledgeable about tech.”

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