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Edge have published an article about us entitled ‘big things from little beginnings’. Offering a little glimpse inside Mm towers, Edge cover our history, our future, and speak to some of the team about what makes us, us!


Back when Media Molecule was at work on the first LittleBigPlanet, its offices were a congregation of dark, sweaty rooms above a shop in the suburbs of Guildford. It was a dingy, poorly ventilated place befitting a software startup, but the 27-strong team still decorated, covering the walls with gaudy art and stringing fairy lights across the lobby, spelling out ‘hello’ in crazy joined-up writing.

Six years and a sequel later, Media Molecule is now owned by Sony and boasts a team of 47, split across two projects. Its new workspace is located in a plushly impersonal office block in the centre of town. If the team’s old digs resembled a ramshackle tree house, the new ones look like, well, a development studio. There’s decent lighting and functioning air conditioning, and there are meeting rooms decked out with whiteboards and teleconferencing equipment.

Move in close, though, and the handicraft – and perhaps hand-to-mouth – spirit of the early days survives.

Read the full thingamabob over here!

Not too long ago (ok it was quite a while ago actually)  some folk from the Institute of Play came to visit us here at Mm towers, and filmed us talking about LittleBigPlanet for a series of videos entitled Playmakers.

Playmakers is an exploration of the experiences and innovations that are leading the way for learning design in the twenty-first century. The seven videos in this series introduce you to a range of people working at the intersection of games and learning, from teachers who happened on the power of play through trial and error, to commercial game designers who set out to make one great game and ended up empowering millions of users to make their own.

The video featuring us has just been published, and we thought some of you might like to see it. If you’re interested you can also take a look at the rest of the Playmakers series too, it’s really rather interesting!

If you’ve ever wondered what goes on inside Alex’s mind when he’s in a meeting about stuff and things, then wonder no more.


A little while back Deviant Art ran a swishy contest to create some stupendous LittleBigPlanet art pieces, and we totally missed the end of it… Browse through the entries and you’ll discover a real treasure trove of amazing LBP imagery, and the winners are just super duper! Great work deviant arters, lots of <3 from everyone at Mm.


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Alex and John were in New York last week, where they were interviewed by a series of fine American publications, including the ever-awesome Hip Hop Gamer.

Austin and Daniel, the incredible duo behind the LittleBigPodcast, published the 95th episode of their show this weekend, which also happens to be the second anniversary episode!
They celebrated with a crazy video interview with some of us - look, here’s part one now!

Happy Anniversary guys, what an awesome amount of dedication, we salute you!

History of Mm Parts 4 & 5

2010November 2nd

Seeing as it’s the second anniversary of LittleBigPlanet’s release this week, we thought we’d finally get around to publishing the final two chapters written for the History of Mm section of this very website.

These final chapters are more about the development of LittleBigPlanet than they are about the company forming, as we hear from Alex Evans about how the game started to take shape and become the game we all know and love today.

Before we put layer restrictions in we had some awesome levels, but the camera was massively zoomed out, with wild camera zones. It was 3D, and deep, but it felt slow, and you never connected with sackboy because he was only four pixels high. “

So superficially, even though when you watch the old videos it feels much bigger and more epic, to play it was far less fun. There was no character customisation, and the levels were realllly hard.

Making and designing them was absolutely jedi mind trick, because it was so unconstrained. You spent hours with Auto Z” [the thing that makes sackboy automatically change layers when you jump.]

People complain now… You think it’s a bit tricksy now, but in that version you could just jump and Sackboy would go wooooosh and fly 100 meters back to the nearest block. So building levels was really hard.

Read Part 4: Taking Shape, and Part 5: Ship it! Over in the History section, or if you missed them, you might want to check out the first three parts first!

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Phillipe from Gamerant nabbed some of our time at the Eurogamer Expo recently, and asked us all about Video Games. Amongst our answers were some pretty groundbreaking revelations, including this incredible moment in history…

*At this point, a woman with biscuits walked past the table. Unfortunately, they were not for us.*

AE: “Ah, biscuits!……. Ah, fail!”

JS: “We just failed to get biscuits “

AE: “*Sighs* So excited by biscuits.”

GR: [Going back to Heavy Rain] I actually loved that game. You can tell, just by looking at that game, how different, how diverse, the gaming industry is now. David Cage (Creative Director of Heavy Rain)…

AE: “Oh I love you!”

*The biscuit lady has returned, bearing biscuits.*

AE: “Thank you very much!”

GR: We’re getting biscuits!

AE: “Oh, you’re the nicest person!”

Biscuit Lady: “These are for the speakers, you’re a speaker, right?”

AE: “I was speaking earlier this morning!”

GR: I’m speaking now…

JS: “I organized our speakers!”

BL: “Oh, alright then. Don’t tell anyone!”

AE: “Bless you, thank you so much.”

You can read more about the biscuits, and other far less important things we might have said about video games, the people that make them, and how awesome our community is in this three part interview over on Game Rant.

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The Guys from G4TV came to hang out recently at Mm towers, and interviewed Dave Kareem and Alex talking about some of the new tools from LBP2 and how they came to be. They also coupled it with some exclusive footage of some of our Story mode levels that you most likely haven’t seen yet. Unless you snuck into the studio with G4TV when we weren’t looking, naughty you!

There’s also some tasty information about a new setting that will allow people to tweak Sackboy’s jump to be just how they want it in their levels…. enjoy!

The friendly folk from the PlayStation blog popped into our new studio last weekend and recorded an interview with Mark and Alex. They discuss all things LittleBigPlanet 2, and even how one of our QA guys made his own Popit with the new tools, crazeee town.

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