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Wonder what it feels like to hurtle towards the earth at many miles an hour with a man strapped to your back?

Now you can experience it vicariously through Chris’s words and video evidence, taken a few weeks ago when five crazed brave molecules (Kenny, Sara, Mags, John and Chris) decided to face their fears go and jump out of a plane in order to raise some money for charity!


They raised a nice amount between them, but as Media Molecule is matching the amount they raised, we thought it would be worth seeing if any of you guys would like to donate to their causes before the time limit is up to donate! If you’d like to donante (go on!) You can do so over here on chris’s page, which has the least amount raised.

Look at that sad amount, but you can help to bolster it? Please donate! Now: the evidence…

The Chris Falls Out of a Plane Experience

“The plane is a small propellor driven thing with a cockpit and a rear area, no seats and just two flat blue cushions to sit on. The first tandem diver climbs in, and invites John to come sit between his legs, with both their backs facing the pilot. Next, I climb up onto a small seat at the back of the plane, while my diver positions himself on the neighbouring cushion, so I can shuffle over and sit in between his legs. A couple of extra guys jump in (one wearing a wingsuit), followed by our cameramen who sit between our legs. By the end of the process we’re like two conga lines sitting side to side, and its time to take off.

Over the course of the climb we do a few thumbs ups for the camera, get a fair amount of reassurance, and take in the view. Every thousand feet my diver points out his altimeter, which it eventually turns out is about 250 feet out, but nobody seems that worried and we continue to climb. At around 8000 feet up, I shift position so my tandem diver is sitting with his legs flat and I am sat on his lap. The straps are tightened so we’re very rigidly attached to each other, and after what seems like very little time the door of the plane opens. The first two divers jump out of the plane, followed by my cameraman who hangs onto the wing waiting for me to jump and it begins to get very real!

I’d expected to be sh***ing myself at this stage, but for some reason I’m not scared. It’s not bravery - that’s when you overcome fear - but there simply wasn’t any fear to begin with. I think that perhaps this is because the brain has never had to develop a fear of jumping out of a plane, as it simply isn’t a situation the human body ever had to deal with. Even as I’m shifting over to the door, repeating in my mind “legs up, hips forward, arms crossed, head back”, I get no real shivers down my spine. Although my heart was probably beating at 200bpm and my brain was flooded with endorphins and adrenaline, the closest I felt to fear was what I’d describe as pre-exam nerves…

More after the jump. (har har har)

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John Beech is back at Mm towers today, after making the heartbreaking decision to postpone his trip. Over the last two weeks he had kayaked Nearly 300 miles, and as we followed him on his journey hearing about massive waves, blisters, whales, storms etc, both us at Mm and John’s family became increasingly worried about John’s safety.

We talked with him and together decided that it would be best to put the trip on hold, so that he could be better prepared to try it again next year.  Here’s John… 

Hello everyone!
It’s me John(ee) I’m back! Surprise: I’m back in Mm towers instead of being half way around the country. I got pretty far,  Nearly 300 miles far, but had to postpone my little adventure. Fear not it shall continue next year.

I decided to stop for safety reasons… along with my dad and friends, we had worked out that if I had continued at my current rate I would’ve reached Scotland when it looked a bit like this…


Eventually I had to admit that I should place my trip on hold for now, a hard decision and a sad one too, but one that is for the best. I will start again next year, this time earlier in the year, and with the help of my dad and his “real” boat tagging along for support which means I’ll be able to go faster and longer each day!! WIN!!

All the support I received on my trip has been amazing, and It’s hard not to feel like I am letting people down by deciding to stop for now - However,  this is just a small pause until I’m ready to go forth once more, and all the money donated to the cause will be stored in a bank account ready to start the fund again next year, with a bit of interest thrown in.  I’m hoping all your support can be stored for a year too!

Here’s hoping you all still want to follow my exploits next time, thank you all so much for everything - it’s been a learning experience for sure.

It’s been a very tough choice to make, but we are really rather happy that he is now safe.  We will jump on the thank you wagon with John and thank all of you for your support - you are all awesome people. You deserve medals. We’ll be pestering you again when he embarks once more upon his quest!

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John Beech, one of our designers, is going on a two month long adventure. He’s going to Kayak around England, Scotland and Wales (yes he’s skipping Northern Ireland) in the name of charity. He’s going to be raising money for Games Aid - a UK charity that represents the games industry - and we would very much like you to sponsor him! Go on!


Hey everyone, my name is John, and I’m planning a likkle sailboat trip around the UK. It’s a bit like when you go to the beach for the day, but bigger. 2450 miles bigger! My mission should I choose to accept it (wait! I have already accepted it?!) is to Kayak around the country in a bit of plastic shaped like a toy boat, with nothing but my ‘massive arms’ , a paddle, and a power kite to carry me the distance.

I will be setting of from Guildford town centre on August the 8th, outside the Media Molecule Studio where I work as a games designer, and kayaking through London to the sea . From here I will paddle myself like crazy in an anticlockwise direction around the uk before finally heading back down through London and finishing back in Guildford. This should take about 2 months (the current world record for such an attempt) unless:
A) I die
B) I die
C) someone steals my kayak

Read more about John’s crazy mission, pledge some cash and track John’s whereabouts over on this special page we made for him.  Whether you sponsor John or not, why not wish him Bon Voyage via his twitter account, and keep him sane on his trip!

We’ll be sending John off on his journey this coming Monday, and will update you on his progress. Good luck John!

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As we mentioned last week, loads of folk form the global videogame community have come together in an “unprecedented” effort to create a special video to show their appreciation for the Japanese game industry and to raise donations for Red Cross relief efforts for the people of Japan. The video features multiple molecules talking about their favourite Japanese games and the influences Japan has had on us all, watch it below!

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Some time today, Austin and Daniel from the LittleBigPodcast will begin broadcasting their show live, and won’t be stopping for 24 hours!

No it’s not a fault in the programming, the 24 hour marathon is to help raise money for the Red Cross and Baptist World Mission’s Japan relief funds. We’ll be supporting them all the way… well maybe not all the way, it might get past our bedtime, but we will be joining them live whenever we can, and cheering them on from our cosy beds!

Here’s a message from the stars of the show:

LittleBigMarathon is our 24 hour marathon for Japan Relief efforts!

Over the 24 hours, we’ll have creators, players, and Molecules joining us and, hopefully, keeping us awake! Because there are MANY ways to give, we included 2 options on the site. One is te Red Cross, and the other is BWM who already has groups stationed in Japan to help.

We’d really appreciate everyones help in every way possible :) Thanks!”

Watch them live from the 30-31st March (that’s today!) on

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Gamers Heart Japan

2011March 29th

Gamers Heart Japan is a TV Special airing this weekend in the USA and Canada. It features a great long list of video game developers talking about how Japan has influenced the world of gaming, and how much we all love them.

It’s not just a random show of course, its aim is to raise awareness (and cash) for the Red Cross Appeal.

Members of the global videogame community have come together in an unprecedented effort to create a special video to show their appreciation for the Japanese games industry and to raise awareness for Red Cross relief efforts for the people of Japan.

Titled “Gamers Heart Japan”, this 60-minute special will premiere on April 3, 2011 on broadcast networks G4 in the U.S. and Canada, SCI FI Australia, and Musique Plus and SPACE in Canada as well as online. This special is filled with veteran game industry journalists from all over the world as well as some of the top game makers on the planet who will be sharing their thoughts on the incredible work and talented creators from the Japanese videogame development scene.

The show features gaming luminaries such as Will Right, Ken Levine, and our very own Siobhan Reddy! You can find more info over on the Gamers Heart Japan website

Whilst we’re on the subject, there are still a few days left to bid on our special charity auctions, and our crown auction has been re-listed as a slightly better deal - a LittleBigPlanet 2 Regal Edition -  after ebay decided to take it down for being against the rules to auction virtual things, naughty us!

Play for Japan

This post is somewhat overdue, but it’s time to talk about the tragic events that have been unfolding in Japan recently. There’s perhaps no need to go into too much detail, we all know about the earthquake and subsequent tsunami that has caused immense devastation, and loss of life there, we all know they face a very tough time ahead, and can do with all the help they can get.

The games industry obviously has special ties with Japan. These people are our colleagues, friends, family, team mates, opponents, compadres, buddies… you’ve played their LittleBigPlanet levels, and they’ve played yours. That’s why people from within the games industry have come together to build the Play For Japan campaign.

Play For Japan aims to channel the passion and generosity of gamers into a relief effort, through events, donations, and auctions of rare and interesting gaming memorabilia. That’s where we will be joining in, with five auctions we hope will raise some much needed cash for those in need. All the money raised will be donated to the Red Cross Appeal.

Own a piece of LittleBigPlanet history!

Four of our five auctions are for framed original concept sketches, each with a signed copy of LittleBigPlanet 2…

We have framed four pieces of artwork by Francis, the chief creator of Sackboy. They show some ideas for the development of our beloved hessian chum, and if we may be so bold, each one is a piece of gaming history. In the words of Indiana Jones, they belong in a museum! There are four of these pieces of artwork, each one is different, and as they are the originals, they unique.

Oooooh!  Oooooh!

Oooooh!  Oooooh!

Each framed sketch comes with a very special copy of LittleBigPlanet comes with a special uber rare ‘Mm Special edition’ box art slip that has been signed by the whole team here at Media Molecule. (One of them has even been signed twice by me, double value, not at all a mistake!) There are only a very, very small number of these custom covers in existence, they were originally intended to be owned only by Media Molecule staff.

Oooooh!  Oooooh!

Go bid on these auctions!

  1. Blue Framed Sackboy Artwork and signed copy of LittleBigPlanet 2
  2. Red Framed Sackboy Artwork and signed copy of LittleBigPlanet 2
  3. Yellow Framed Sackboy Artwork copy of LittleBigPlanet 2
  4. Green Framed Sackboy Artwork copy of LittleBigPlanet 2

Buy your way into royalty.

Oooooh!This is an auction for an in-game crown item for your Sackboy. These are very rare, and usually reserved for competition winners and people who go above and beyond the call of duty.

This is your chance to buy yourself into royalty. Some may see this as cheating, but by winning this item you will be aiding people in need, and we think that is worthy of recognition, naysayers be damned, this is for charity!  Bid on the auction for a Crown.


Ebay took our Crown auction down, so we have re-listed it as something slightly different - it’s an even sweeter deal now, a Regal edition of LittleBigPlanet 2, and a crown too - check it out!

Bid generously!

All these auctions are available now via ebay, 100% of the profits going to charity. Go forth and bid generously, and remember to check out the big list of other items being auctioned by Play For Japan - there are some great chances to own some rare items! Thanks people!


These amazing LittleBigPlanet shoes are the work of the hardworking and rather fabulous Nick Tonks, the artist behind KyozoKicks, a website dedicated to video game themed shoes. This pair of ordinary boring Vans shoes have been covered in brightly coloured stickers from the various LittleBigPlanet games, all painted on by hand.


The design that would eventually come to make up this pair was taken directly from an experience I had, and continue to have, with the game. Give the sticker tool to someone who doesn’t play games often and they will begin, slowly, randomly and then frantically, placing stickers about the screen. Soon what they are doing becomes lost in a blur, Their eyes widen, they can’t help emit a small, yet audible, manic laugh, like you they too are now hooked. what you are left with once they finally step back from the controller is something not too dissimilar to these shoes I hope. No rhyme or reason to the stickers placement.

They could be yours!

These wonderful shoes can be yours! Nick is auctioning the shoes off, with 100% of the money going to gamer’s charity Child’s Play - a charity that buys toys and games for hospitals. 


Just think how good these shoes would look upon your shelf, in that special place you have saved for this exact sort of thing. Your shelf that longs for exciting collectable items like this to grace its blank surface. Just think, these are the only shoes like this in the world, and you are the biggest LBP fan, how can you not bid… if you don’t then you will surely forever regret the day you didn’t bid on the best shoes in the world. Then one day not too long form now you will find yourself your best friend’s house, and see these shoes on their shelf. Wow, they look so good, why weren’t they yours! Why didn’t you take the opportunity to bid on them? WHY? The jealousy will drive you mad, and you will storm from the house, forever resenting your friend and never speaking to them again.

Do you want that to happen? No? Well then So do yourself and and your shelf a favour, get over to the auction to place a bid!

On Saturday night, Jonny, Jeremy and Michelle took part in the YMCA Sleep Out here in Guildford, a charity event in which participants sleep out in the freezing cold to raise money for work combatting youth homelessness - and damn proud of them we are too! 

Sleeping out in this cold weather is not a choice anyone would make.  But Guildford YMCA is looking for brave souls to do just that on 31 January, the eve of Homelessness Sunday. Apart from giving a tiny taste of what it’s like to be homeless, the aim is also to raise vital funds for projects that make a difference to disadvantaged young people.


The three hardy souls spent the evening and all night huddled together outside Guildford Cathedral in cardboard boxes and sleeping bags… as temperatures dived below freezing.
Heeeeer’es Jonny to tell us all about it…

Curiously, the venue for the sleepout was Guildford Cathedral – not only the spookiest venue that could have been chosen but also the most exposed, windy and highest point in Guildford! It was also, we later discovered, a prime location for convoys of chavved up Fiestas to zoom around at 6 in the morning.
But, already cold and slightly apprehensive, we discovered that the Mayor Of Guildford and Nigel The Deputy Mayor were coming to visit. They were wrapped up warm in their “sponsored by Mumm Champagne” windsheeters and made awkward quips about how warm they were going to be that night, but I felt honoured to meet a local dignitary or two!
We set up base camp in the least windy location we could find, and this is where the whole affair turned into an I’m A Celebrity / Lord Of The Flies crossover. Discussions abound about how to best erect a cardboard windbreak led to Pigsy’s glasses being broken, and the first round of eviction nominations (not really).
Jeremy, Michelle and myself stuffed ourselves into our sleeping bags (not easy given the number of layers we were wearing, I felt like the Michelin man in a chrysalis), chatted and played cards until we decided we should actually try to get some sleep at about half twelve. This worked out pretty well for me. It wasn’t hugely comfortable, as you might expect, but shockingly I did actually get some (albeit broken) sleep. 7am was the alarm call (by more chavved up Fiestas, there’s nothing like a wide-bore exhaust to rouse you from half-slumber) and we awoke to a nice layer of frost, red noses, and a bacon bap shoved into our hand.
Never has bacon tasted so good.

A few days later the guys have warmed up again, but it’s not that easy for those who are forced to spend their nights this way regularly. The YMCA team popped over earlier today to award them with some certificates and a fetching mug for their efforts.



It’s not to late to donate to to this worthy local cause and retrospectively sponsor Jonny, Michelle or Jeremy. Go on, they slept out in the icy cold! All you need to do is pick one of these links!

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Haiti: Emergency appeal

2010January 15th

Mixing politics with fun and games is not something we’re keen to do, but when it comes to a cataclysmic event, such as the one this week that has left thousands of people in Haiti suffering, we think it’s up to every one of us to do as much as we can to look after one another

We will be donating some money to the various charities doing their best to help out, and we’re posting this here to ask if you might do the same. Pwetty pwease?

If you can spare even a small amount, then please check out this page on the BBC to find out how to help. Thanks all.

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