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Wonder what it feels like to hurtle towards the earth at many miles an hour with a man strapped to your back?

Now you can experience it vicariously through Chris’s words and video evidence, taken a few weeks ago when five crazed brave molecules (Kenny, Sara, Mags, John and Chris) decided to face their fears go and jump out of a plane in order to raise some money for charity!


They raised a nice amount between them, but as Media Molecule is matching the amount they raised, we thought it would be worth seeing if any of you guys would like to donate to their causes before the time limit is up to donate! If you’d like to donante (go on!) You can do so over here on chris’s page, which has the least amount raised.

Look at that sad amount, but you can help to bolster it? Please donate! Now: the evidence…

The Chris Falls Out of a Plane Experience

“The plane is a small propellor driven thing with a cockpit and a rear area, no seats and just two flat blue cushions to sit on. The first tandem diver climbs in, and invites John to come sit between his legs, with both their backs facing the pilot. Next, I climb up onto a small seat at the back of the plane, while my diver positions himself on the neighbouring cushion, so I can shuffle over and sit in between his legs. A couple of extra guys jump in (one wearing a wingsuit), followed by our cameramen who sit between our legs. By the end of the process we’re like two conga lines sitting side to side, and its time to take off.

Over the course of the climb we do a few thumbs ups for the camera, get a fair amount of reassurance, and take in the view. Every thousand feet my diver points out his altimeter, which it eventually turns out is about 250 feet out, but nobody seems that worried and we continue to climb. At around 8000 feet up, I shift position so my tandem diver is sitting with his legs flat and I am sat on his lap. The straps are tightened so we’re very rigidly attached to each other, and after what seems like very little time the door of the plane opens. The first two divers jump out of the plane, followed by my cameraman who hangs onto the wing waiting for me to jump and it begins to get very real!

I’d expected to be sh***ing myself at this stage, but for some reason I’m not scared. It’s not bravery - that’s when you overcome fear - but there simply wasn’t any fear to begin with. I think that perhaps this is because the brain has never had to develop a fear of jumping out of a plane, as it simply isn’t a situation the human body ever had to deal with. Even as I’m shifting over to the door, repeating in my mind “legs up, hips forward, arms crossed, head back”, I get no real shivers down my spine. Although my heart was probably beating at 200bpm and my brain was flooded with endorphins and adrenaline, the closest I felt to fear was what I’d describe as pre-exam nerves…

More after the jump. (har har har)

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Two molecules have embarked upon a grand scheme to build themselves a robot. What kind of robot though? A pinacle of human achievement to rival ASIMO? A destructive boxy looking war-bot capable of taking down Sir Killalot? A weaponised bot left with the compassion of a human after a lightning strike?

Well, according to Chris, the Mm Bot will be an studio ‘pet’ with the capability to detect faces, and share it’s own emotions through coloured light strips. It will scoot around the studio on wheels, seeking out people to be friends with, running away from people who scare it, and generally being cute. Here’s what it looks like at the moment:


Expect more updates on the bot soon! We <3 Mm Bot!

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Stand and Deliver?

2011August 15th

More shenanigans in Mm towers this week….


Chris here has a rather interesting Lab story to share with you soon, entitled ‘Spending your cache wisely’.
I’m not sure if you should take that sort of advice from a man dressed like this, or maybe that’s exactly the kind of thing you should do.

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Chris, one of our fabulous programmers and avid promoter of pub lunches, has written a deliciously nerdy blog post over on The Lab. What the heck is The Lab? Why it’s a section of this site that we set up for just this purpose, and then promptly ignored / forgot all about / were too busy making games to update it. Well no longer friends! For at least one more post has been written, and it’s a goodun!

In the post, Chris talks to us about doing exactly the right amount of work, specifically in terms of writing algorithms that don’t do more than they should. It begins like this, so you know it’s good:

The other day I was writing some code that needed to build up a list of strings in a large file, and identify any duplicates that occurred. On average, the file would contain about 10000 unique strings, and I’d be looking at finding at least 500 duplicates per string. That means that throughout the parsing of my file, I’d have to add about 10000 strings to the list, and probably do about 5000000 lookups on them. This needed to be a fast process…

Go on over and dive into the lab, your brain will be bigger as a result and that’s a fact!*.

*Not a guaranteed fact.

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As I’m writing this, the World Record Team are approaching 39 hours of straight gaming, as they try to set 5 new world records. The live feed of the team and everything happening around them has been really quite entertaining so far, currently you can watch them building Kevin Butler’s Office for instance, and with the final day of the event upon us there are some more great things to tune in and watch.

Here is the schedule of events for today, all times are in New York time!

Wednesday 19th January
Hosts - Jeff Rubenstein & Veronica Belmont

10:00AM–10:20AM - FanCam goes live.

10:30AM-10:45AM - Mm answers questions tweeted in

11:00AM – 11:20AM - Jeff with LBP Podcast introduce special design guest

11:30AM-12:00AM - Media Molecule tutorial with Dan & John on Direct Control

12:00PM - 12:30PM - Media Molecule tutorial with Dan on

12:45PM – 1:15PM - Media Molecule for a Tutorial with Naomi on Cinematics

1:30 PM– 2:00PM - Meet Annika Valacic & her dad

2:30PM – 2:45 PM - Jeff interviews Elliot from ESRB

3:00 PM – 3:30PM - Media Molecule Tutorial with Chris and Naomi on Sackbots

3:30PM – 4:00PM - Media Molecule Tutorial with Naomi on the music sequencer

4:30PM – 4:45PM - Veronica talks to LBPodcast

5:00PM – 5:20PM - Veronica talks to Marvel & Martin from Media Molecule about DLC

5:30PM – 6:01PM - Veronica, Jeff, GWR, Media Molecule countdown to 50hrs

6:01PM - 6:35PM - How many records were set? Time to find out!

You especially don’t want to miss those live create tutorials, they’ve been really fun! Go team!