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Fridge CamRegular blog readers will have noticed we were recently tinkering in our fridge, installing a PS Eye disguised as a carton of Orange juice; as you do.

The setup, known as Fridge Cam, is part of our new Intranet, providing snaps of fridge pickers, for no particular reason, to our Intranet homepage. The PS Eye is hooked up to an old laptop sat on top of the fridge. Software running on the laptop is activated by movement - so every time someone opens the fridge door, it saves a photo every second for ten seconds to its hard drive. An Apache web server with a simple PHP scripts then serves out the photos and a JSON feed to our Intranet… It’s already snapped about 5000 photos.

Let’s take a look at some of the pics that have been snapped so far…

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Wildr_Kids sent us some pics of their awesome LBP cake, and accompanying Sackboy based cup cakes too. It’s good to know that a year down the line there are still amazing LBP Cakes being eaten!


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Every now and again we get sent pictures of amazing LittleBigPlanet cakes made by crafty bakers with lots of talent. Well, faced with his Son Lautaro’s first birthday at the weekend, Mark decided there was only one course of action – to turn his talents to the world of cakes, and create this masterpiece.


It might not be as grand as some, but we think it does the job rather nicely don’t you?  Happy Birthday Lautaro! :)

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Sackboy bento box!

2009October 1st

Anna the Red, the creative genius behind oh so many beautiful Bento boxes, has turned her talents towards our little friend Sackboy. Surely the cutest lunch ever made?


If anything deserves a crown it’s that! 

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Gone to lunch…

2009August 19th

Right we’re off. Today is the day of our summer party, a day in which we take some time out form working and relax, yay!

When originally planning our summer party, we intended to have a nice outdoors picnic, with a BBQ or a hog roast, and generally have fun and games in the sun. As the date of the party approached however, it quite quickly became obvious that we couldn’t rely on the weather one iota – we’ve had the cloudiest most miserable summer this year, with downpours nearly every day. Sad panda face.

Instead of our picnic party then, we opted to find somewhere indoors to eat nice food and have fun, rain or shine. Of course typically the day of the party is here, and is apparently going to be ‘the hottest day of the year’ with temperatures reaching 30c…. there isn’t a cloud in the sky! Typical, eh?


Personally I’m not bothered, because in about an hour we’re all getting on a coach and heading off to Bray, the very heart of Michelin Star country. Here we shall be feasting on a seven course lunch at the Hinds Head – A Gastro pub owned by Heston Blumenthal, TV chef supreme known for his ‘molecular gastronomy’, and owner of the world famous Fat Duck restaurant, which is just next door.

So have a nice day whilst we’re gone, maybe you can enjoy the sun for us, get us a bit of surrogate sunburn. We’ll be stuffing ourselves full of great grub. Ciao!

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Gastronbury Feastival 09

2009June 25th

The sun is shining and the music festival season is well under way. But not for us poor folks at Mm towers, we’re far too busy for camping and getting mud in our hair. So to console ourselves, instead of heading off to Glastonbury Festival, we are celebrating Gastronbury Feastival.

By replacing music with a much tastier thing ,food, we can enjoy all the excesses of Glastonbury except via our bellies and taste buds. Gastronbury is about eating and drinking. It’s about eating and drinking a lot, treating yourself to things you wouldn’t normally do, possibly for monetary reasons, and going over the top.

So, today we gorged ourselves on the most decadent sandwich we could think of LOBSTER. Here’s one before it got sandwiched up!


It was immensely tasty, and shall be followed up this evening by oysters and champagne, and lots more food. We encourage you to join us, eat something special, and keep eating special things until Sunday when it all stops and we need to diet. *burp*

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