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Not too long ago (ok it was quite a while ago actually)  some folk from the Institute of Play came to visit us here at Mm towers, and filmed us talking about LittleBigPlanet for a series of videos entitled Playmakers.

Playmakers is an exploration of the experiences and innovations that are leading the way for learning design in the twenty-first century. The seven videos in this series introduce you to a range of people working at the intersection of games and learning, from teachers who happened on the power of play through trial and error, to commercial game designers who set out to make one great game and ended up empowering millions of users to make their own.

The video featuring us has just been published, and we thought some of you might like to see it. If you’re interested you can also take a look at the rest of the Playmakers series too, it’s really rather interesting!

Two molecules have embarked upon a grand scheme to build themselves a robot. What kind of robot though? A pinacle of human achievement to rival ASIMO? A destructive boxy looking war-bot capable of taking down Sir Killalot? A weaponised bot left with the compassion of a human after a lightning strike?

Well, according to Chris, the Mm Bot will be an studio ‘pet’ with the capability to detect faces, and share it’s own emotions through coloured light strips. It will scoot around the studio on wheels, seeking out people to be friends with, running away from people who scare it, and generally being cute. Here’s what it looks like at the moment:


Expect more updates on the bot soon! We <3 Mm Bot!

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John Beech is back at Mm towers today, after making the heartbreaking decision to postpone his trip. Over the last two weeks he had kayaked Nearly 300 miles, and as we followed him on his journey hearing about massive waves, blisters, whales, storms etc, both us at Mm and John’s family became increasingly worried about John’s safety.

We talked with him and together decided that it would be best to put the trip on hold, so that he could be better prepared to try it again next year.  Here’s John… 

Hello everyone!
It’s me John(ee) I’m back! Surprise: I’m back in Mm towers instead of being half way around the country. I got pretty far,  Nearly 300 miles far, but had to postpone my little adventure. Fear not it shall continue next year.

I decided to stop for safety reasons… along with my dad and friends, we had worked out that if I had continued at my current rate I would’ve reached Scotland when it looked a bit like this…


Eventually I had to admit that I should place my trip on hold for now, a hard decision and a sad one too, but one that is for the best. I will start again next year, this time earlier in the year, and with the help of my dad and his “real” boat tagging along for support which means I’ll be able to go faster and longer each day!! WIN!!

All the support I received on my trip has been amazing, and It’s hard not to feel like I am letting people down by deciding to stop for now - However,  this is just a small pause until I’m ready to go forth once more, and all the money donated to the cause will be stored in a bank account ready to start the fund again next year, with a bit of interest thrown in.  I’m hoping all your support can be stored for a year too!

Here’s hoping you all still want to follow my exploits next time, thank you all so much for everything - it’s been a learning experience for sure.

It’s been a very tough choice to make, but we are really rather happy that he is now safe.  We will jump on the thank you wagon with John and thank all of you for your support - you are all awesome people. You deserve medals. We’ll be pestering you again when he embarks once more upon his quest!

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Look over here everyone! - it’s the Media Moelcule Podcast number eight!  Recorded a little earlier this month, Kenny, Spaff, Martin and John gather to talk about the LittleBigPlanet 2 Move pack, a DLC pack heading your way this September! We also talk about the recent LBP meetup in Missouri, and John’s crazy mission to kayak around the UK.

To find out more about the Move Pack head on over to - we just updated it with all the Move Pack contents you could possibly dream of.
Well, actually I take that back: you guys are pretty imaginative, you could probably dream up some pretty rockin’ content. But if you want to know more about the pack, it’s still the best place to be lookin’!

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John Beech, one of our designers, is going on a two month long adventure. He’s going to Kayak around England, Scotland and Wales (yes he’s skipping Northern Ireland) in the name of charity. He’s going to be raising money for Games Aid - a UK charity that represents the games industry - and we would very much like you to sponsor him! Go on!


Hey everyone, my name is John, and I’m planning a likkle sailboat trip around the UK. It’s a bit like when you go to the beach for the day, but bigger. 2450 miles bigger! My mission should I choose to accept it (wait! I have already accepted it?!) is to Kayak around the country in a bit of plastic shaped like a toy boat, with nothing but my ‘massive arms’ , a paddle, and a power kite to carry me the distance.

I will be setting of from Guildford town centre on August the 8th, outside the Media Molecule Studio where I work as a games designer, and kayaking through London to the sea . From here I will paddle myself like crazy in an anticlockwise direction around the uk before finally heading back down through London and finishing back in Guildford. This should take about 2 months (the current world record for such an attempt) unless:
A) I die
B) I die
C) someone steals my kayak

Read more about John’s crazy mission, pledge some cash and track John’s whereabouts over on this special page we made for him.  Whether you sponsor John or not, why not wish him Bon Voyage via his twitter account, and keep him sane on his trip!

We’ll be sending John off on his journey this coming Monday, and will update you on his progress. Good luck John!

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As I’m writing this, the World Record Team are approaching 39 hours of straight gaming, as they try to set 5 new world records. The live feed of the team and everything happening around them has been really quite entertaining so far, currently you can watch them building Kevin Butler’s Office for instance, and with the final day of the event upon us there are some more great things to tune in and watch.

Here is the schedule of events for today, all times are in New York time!

Wednesday 19th January
Hosts - Jeff Rubenstein & Veronica Belmont

10:00AM–10:20AM - FanCam goes live.

10:30AM-10:45AM - Mm answers questions tweeted in

11:00AM – 11:20AM - Jeff with LBP Podcast introduce special design guest

11:30AM-12:00AM - Media Molecule tutorial with Dan & John on Direct Control

12:00PM - 12:30PM - Media Molecule tutorial with Dan on

12:45PM – 1:15PM - Media Molecule for a Tutorial with Naomi on Cinematics

1:30 PM– 2:00PM - Meet Annika Valacic & her dad

2:30PM – 2:45 PM - Jeff interviews Elliot from ESRB

3:00 PM – 3:30PM - Media Molecule Tutorial with Chris and Naomi on Sackbots

3:30PM – 4:00PM - Media Molecule Tutorial with Naomi on the music sequencer

4:30PM – 4:45PM - Veronica talks to LBPodcast

5:00PM – 5:20PM - Veronica talks to Marvel & Martin from Media Molecule about DLC

5:30PM – 6:01PM - Veronica, Jeff, GWR, Media Molecule countdown to 50hrs

6:01PM - 6:35PM - How many records were set? Time to find out!

You especially don’t want to miss those live create tutorials, they’ve been really fun! Go team!

Alex and John were in New York last week, where they were interviewed by a series of fine American publications, including the ever-awesome Hip Hop Gamer.

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Austin and Daniel, the incredible duo behind the LittleBigPodcast, published the 95th episode of their show this weekend, which also happens to be the second anniversary episode!
They celebrated with a crazy video interview with some of us - look, here’s part one now!

Happy Anniversary guys, what an awesome amount of dedication, we salute you!