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Not too long ago (ok it was quite a while ago actually)  some folk from the Institute of Play came to visit us here at Mm towers, and filmed us talking about LittleBigPlanet for a series of videos entitled Playmakers.

Playmakers is an exploration of the experiences and innovations that are leading the way for learning design in the twenty-first century. The seven videos in this series introduce you to a range of people working at the intersection of games and learning, from teachers who happened on the power of play through trial and error, to commercial game designers who set out to make one great game and ended up empowering millions of users to make their own.

The video featuring us has just been published, and we thought some of you might like to see it. If you’re interested you can also take a look at the rest of the Playmakers series too, it’s really rather interesting!

Break out the bubbly and dance on the tables! At least that’s what we’re doing this week after LittleBigPlanet 2 picked up two awards at this years BAFTA Video Game Awards Ceremony.

A small gang of molecules poshed themselves up in frocks and bow ties last Friday to attend this year’s ceremony, where we were nominated for a whopping six awards. We picked up two of those, one for Family game of the Year, the other for Innovation in games, and we’re very proud of them indeed!  Here they are looking all spangly…


Watch Mark, Dave and our Sony Producer Pete pick up the awards, and listen to their obviously very well prepared and historically important acceptance speeches in these fine BAFTA videos.

Family Game of the Year 2012

Game Innovation 2012

It only seems right to finish this blog post with another acceptance speech, or rather an extended thank you to you guys, a terrific community who have made LittleBigPlanet the amazing game it is. We’re fairly sure that in coming years it will be some of you folks picking up awards like this for your own creations, but for now thank you sooo, so much for helping to fill our game with wondrous creations, and fun people to play them with!

Whilst we’re doing speechy type things, we’d also like to offer a very big congratulations to all our friends and peers who were nominated or won awards this year: Good job games people! <3

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Mark, Alex and Kareem were at Develop in Brighton last week talking about things past present and future in their keynote talk with Phil Harrison. Some interesting factoids came out of that talk and spread onto the internet, including Mark’s analogy about how moving on from LBP is like a parent watching their child grow up and leave home, and afterwards the guys spoke to some press folk too.

One of the outlets that got their grubby paws all over our directors was, who have published an interview with Kareem and Mark about creating a successful start-up, how to look after creative people, and the love / hate relationship that goes along with starting up a company.


Ettouney meanwhile suggested looking after the more creative members of staff was essential to a productive team. “A big part of the investment, in my opinion, other than doing the good work and the creative work, is understanding how to work with creative people.”

“It’s kind of like an entertainer by craft, a person who does something and gets their kicks from the happiness that comes as a result. So if they’re not getting that their cycle is broken and they get weaker and weaker. So it’s important to remember these things and not just be completely objective.”

You should also expect and prepare to handle disagreements. Healey especially remembered times when the close team struggled to get along.

“If you’re going to do a start up with a bunch of other people take it for granted that you are going to hate those people at some point,” he warned.

Why not read the full article on!


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