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Happy Christmas folks!

2013December 14th

Wowsers, 2013 is nearly over? What a crazy, busy and fun year we’ve had, eh? We’re all super tired, and in need of a good break, which is lucky because IT’S CHRISTMAS!
Thank you all for your support this year, as always. We’re all so incredibly happy that so many of you enjoyed Tearaway, we’ve been pretty overwhelmed by all the lovely things you’ve had to say about it, thank you so much!
What will next year bring? Hopefully some news on our next project, oh yes, but first a rest.

Last year we gave the Tearaway Papercraft Elk a little festive makeover, and we thought you might enjoy it once again -  Once made, we think it makes for a rather unique Christmas ornament!


So grab your scissors and glue, and build yourself a Tearaway Reindeer to add some Christmas sparkle to your home -  the pattern is here.

Oooooh! Download the Tearaway Papercraft Reindeer.

Don’t forget that for those who have played the game, you have a nice selection of festive papercrafts to pick from too, like the snowflake or presents!

We’d also like to inspire you to create some festive snowflakes in Gibbet Hill. Here’s some examples to get you started!

If you do happen to make a snowflake or a Reindeer, please send us a picture to our twitter account - @tearawaygame -  and don’t forget to upload pics to That goes for any festive Tearaway things you make!

Merry Christmas folks,

Love and kisses, Mm xxx



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Happy Halloween!

2013October 27th

The Autumn is upon us, and it seems appropriate that as the leaves outside turn golden, so do does Tearaway. Just like the trees outside our studio, we’re not quite there yet, not fully Gold, we are well on the road to releasing, with only a few more weeks until November 22nd!

The best part of Autumn is Halloween (amiright?) and we thought we’d celebrate the game’s imminent release, and this golden season, with a Halloween themed papercraft plan for you all to decorate your homes with at this most creepy of times!

A little way into playing Tearaway, you’ll discover you need a pumpkin to scare off some rowdy crows. Once you find one, you’ll be asked to give it a scary voice, using the PS Vita’s mic, and also a spooky face, which you can make by cutting out virtual paper shapes. You’ll also collect a papercraft plan of the pumpkin, just one of many than you’ll be able to collect and make as you play through Tearaway.

Tearaway’s lead designer Rex Crowle has given the Pumpkin papercraft plan a spooky makeover, and we’d like you to have it now!
You can download the papercraft plan here!

Please enjoy making this pumpkin, and please send pictures of your creations to us on twitter: @tearawaygame.
Feel free to modify it as you wish!

Happy Halloween!

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Tearaway is a game set in a papery world, which means that if you wanted to, you could craft the entire game from paper in the real world – and that’s exactly what we hope people will do!

To help you along your way, we’ve filled the game will collectable papercraft plans, which you can unlock as you journey through the world. As you play, you’ll come across creatures, plants or objects that appear to be drained of their colour. Taking a picture of them with your character’s in-game camera restores their colour, and unlocks their plan.

Each plan has various different skins – blank ones, or colourful ones, so you can either make something that looks like it does in the game, or customise them to look completely different and unique to you.

The plans will be accessed on our community website, where you’ll find everything you’ve unlocked so far, and from here you’ll be able to print them out, make them, and fill your house with papercraft!

The journey doesn’t end there though. Once you’ve made your papercraft model, you can upload a picture of your creation to the website to share it with the world, and you can browse everyone else’s models to get inspired.

Get your scissors and glue ready for Tearaway’s release on 22nd November! In the meantime, feel free to get practising on the plans we’ve released so far, and check out some of the incredible community creations already being made, over on

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Tearaway is about going on an adventure. It’s a very personal journey between two people: you, and your new messenger friend. If you’re going on an adventure, you’re likely going to see lots of amazing things, and you’ll probably want to tell people about them. That’s why we gave iota and atoi their own cameras!

As soon as we put the camera into the game, the whole studio started documenting and sharing their journeys through the vibrant papery landscapes, and in addition to providing us with mementos, it was clear that it could be a great avenue for creativity too. If you know anything about us, you’ll know that’s something we can’t help but include in our games.


You’ll be awarded the camera early in the game, it comes with kit lens, with a nice depth of field, and you can get snapping straight away. To unlock new lenses and special filters, you’ll need to collect confetti; little colourful bits of paper you’ll see throughout the world. You can spend this confetti on numerous things, including camera items.


There are five additional lenses to collect, each brings something different. There’s the Macro lens for close-ups, a zoom lens for capturing distant scenes, a high speed lens for fast moving objects, a wide angle for capturing more of the scene, and finally, the Quantum Lens, for capturing photos of the real world using the PS Vita’s front and rear cameras.


On top of the different lenses, you can unlock a set of filters help you get super arty. These filters could be warming or, cooling, put everything into negative or turn a scene black and white… There are 15 filters in total, all with their own special effects and properties.
Once you’ve taken a snap you’re particularly proud of, you can share it with your friends via Facebook or Twitter, or with the world at large via our Tearaway community website. We can’t wait to see what you guys manage to capture and share come 22nd November!

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At E3 we launched another papery creative challenge for you fine folks, and you took to it like a cheetah takes to rockets.

We’ve just spent a gruelling hour debating the winners, and we’ve picked three. That’s three winners…. plus also three runners-up.

The winners will receive some framed, signed artwork, and the runners-up will get a little goody bag of treats that we’ll put together from things we have lying about the place.
We’ll also attempt to send a tiny gesture to everyone who entered, as a little thank you!

You all made such great squirrels, we can’t wait for the next challenge!
Ok, without further ado….

The Runners-Up




The Winners!


Emily Vanelverdinghe


Congratulations all, we’ll be in touch soon! Check out all the other entries on our Pinterest gallery below, and stay tuned for more creative challenges!

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We’ve been packing the world of Tearaway into suitcases to bring its papery landscape to Boston for PAX East this coming weekend. If you’re going to the show, come and find us at our little papery booth, and we’ll reward you with treasures!


We’ll have a selection of buttons and shirts and papercraft things for people to collect by completing some *very* simple challenges. Tearaway won’t be playable, but you’ll get a chance to meet the team behind the game, encumber yourselves with treasures, and see the Tearaway papercraft concept art. So come along and say hi! Our booth number is 1193.


For those who cannot make the show, fear not, there will be plenty of chances throughout the year to meet us and win our treasures, at shows and via the internets! Stay tuned post pax for news on some new contests!

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We’re nearly done with 2012, and the festive season is upon us. But before we all hang up our socks for Santa and take a break for a few weeks, we wanted to wish all of you a very merry Christmas!

It’s not much, but we’ve got you all a little Christmas pressie, ooh excite! To give you all a little creative challenge, perfect for the holidays, we’ve given the Tearaway Papercraft Elk a little festive makeover! Once made, we think it makes for a rather unique Christmas ornament, take a look…


So grab your scissors and glue, and build yourself a Tearaway Reindeer to add some Christmas sparkle to your home -  the pattern is here. If you do happen to make one, please send us a picture to our twitter account - @mediamolecule -  or post them in the comments below, so we can collect them all for a nice festive gallery.

Thank you all for your continued support of us and our games, and for the constant friendly smiles. It’s been a fairly quiet year from us this year, but next year you’ll be hearing a lot more from us, oh yes!

Merry Christmas you lot,

Love and kisses, Mm xxx

Download the Tearaway Papercraft Reindeer.

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