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We love you, and whilst it’s a little presumptuous, we hope you love us too - that’s a whole lotta love going on right there!

To celebrate our love for one another, we’ve built this section, with lots of gifts for you, insight into our side projects, things we like doing, and hopefully quite soon a forum so we can all hang out there and be friends. BYOB.

Mm Picks

Since the beginning of time, we have been picking out LittleBigPlanet levels that have impressed us in some way, and we call these the Mm Picks. Look, there’s a mini list of them on the left over there under the rosette!

If you are looking for some cool levels, then you can browse through the MmPicks list, and also subscribe to it via RSS or Twitter.

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Web land

Here are some other places to find us and the things we make on the internet:

RSS Feeds

The Lab

A big list of all our RSS feeds