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In August 2012 we announced that we were working on a new game, a brand new IP for the PlayStation Vita called Tearaway. More recently at the PlayStation 4 announcement we unveiled a second new IP, a game even more ambitious than LittleBigPlanet was when it was conceived six years ago, and one that will allow people to record their very dreams… It’s really rather exciting!

This new project is being creatively lead by the same team as LittleBigPlanet;  Alex Evans, Mark Healey, Kareem Etttoney and David Smith, and to be able to achieve this dream of ours, we need people to come and join us.
Over the next year we will need Artists, Designers and Programmers of all varieties.

Below you will find specific roles we think we need right this minute, but if you don’t see a role you fit into, don’t be put off: WE ALWAYS WANT TO HEAR FROM YOU! That’s right, we are always on the lookout for the future, and time moves very fast!

So if you are looking for a job where you can be free to express your creativity and total awesomeness, coupled with the rare chance to be an integral part of a talented little team, and cemented with the odd glass of champagne, then look no further!

Apply at once!

To apply for a role, or to speak with us about one, please get in touch with our HR manager Sara Bravery, using one of the methods below:

Bonus: Follow us on twitter - @mediamolecule - to keep up to date with available jobs, and general Mm fun. You could also follow some of our staff and directors, like Siobhan Reddy, or Alex Evans. See the full list of our tweeting people over here.

Contract Character Animator

We are looking for an experienced, passionate and creative 3D Animator to join our team for 6 months and help us to breathe life into our project.

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Level Designer

Media Molecule is now working on an all new game and we are currently seeking a brilliant level designer to join our team to build upon the genre of Creative Gaming.  The role will be to design beautiful, innovative, challenging and fun things to interact with.   Media Molecule encourages all of the team to contribute wherever they can to make the game amazing, for this reason it is essential that you are self-motivated, proactive and can communicate well with all disciplines. You will be expected to be able to work with:

  • Designers
  • Programmers, specifying and integrating new tools and gameplay features and reporting bugs
  • Artists, Writers and Sound Designers to create rich and immersive worlds
  • Quality Assurance to keep the game top notch and bug free
  • Production to keep on track and in sync with the rest of the project

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Experienced Gameplay Programmer

Are you a coding designer or a coder & designer that makes gameplay?

One very specific and special role for our recently unveiled ambitious PlayStation 4 project is an experienced gameplay programmer - we need someone who can design & code gameplay that feels great. 

It appears that these people are rare as hen’s teeth! We are open to talking to individuals or design/code partnerships who could cover this. The crucial aspect of this is being able to take a raw concept or idea and figure out a way of implementing it that is totally awesome, feels fantastic and brings smiles to everyone’s faces. Easy? Good. :)

You’ll be joining a small, multi-discipline team very early in the process and will help to define all aspects of the game code and design. As a gameplay programmer at Media Molecule you’ll be working in C++, focusing on gameplay code but will be working closely with the design/content team and encouraged to contribute to as many other areas as possible, such as the physics, graphics and presentation code of your features.

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