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Gameplay Programmer

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Jobface: Media Molecule needs a Gameplay Programmer

Are you a coding designer or a coder & designer that makes gameplay?

One very specific and special role for our recently unveiled ambitious PlayStation 4 project is an experienced gameplay programmer - we need someone who can design & code gameplay that feels great.

It appears that these people are rare as hen’s teeth! We are open to talking to individuals or design/code partnerships who could cover this. The crucial aspect of this is being able to take a raw concept or idea and figure out a way of implementing it that is totally awesome, feels fantastic and brings smiles to everyone’s faces. Easy? Good. :)

You’ll be joining a small, multi-discipline team very early in the process and will help to define all aspects of the game code and design. As a gameplay programmer at Media Molecule you’ll be working in C++, focusing on gameplay code but will be working closely with the design/content team and encouraged to contribute to as many other areas as possible, such as the physics, graphics and presentation code of your features.


  • Have made a game, this could be AAA, indie or both but needs to demonstrate that you are able to design and implement gameplay from conception through to a final polished, fun product.
  • Be the best programmer you know, especially when it comes to game code.
  • Have a demo or showreel that really shows how you stand out from the crowd.
  • Be highly self-motivated and disciplined.
  • Have strong maths skills.
  • Be ready and able to collaborate with a highly creative team.
  • It goes without saying that you’ll be proficient in C/C++, and any other language that you stumble across, because after all, that’s the easy part…

This is a permanent position.

How to apply

If all of those requirements seem to be describing you, you should apply at once!

Simply send us an email to, stating the position you're applying for in the subject of the email.

Please make sure to send along a portfolio, showreel, or just something that shows off your past work, published or otherwise - there’s only so much we can glean from a CV alone, yo!

Tips for getting hired!

These are the things we look for in each person we hire:

  1. Damn good at what you do!
  2. Desire ownership and responsibility
  3. Really love playing and making games
  4. Burning with passion, enthusiasm and drive
  5. Active rather than passive team player
  6. Loves to collaborate with a creative team
  7. Jolly nice personality

What you get

On top of all the things we already mentioned, you’ll also get to be part of a small talented team of people based in Guildford, get a tip top benefits package, including private health and life insurance, income protection and all that jazz, a competitive salary, a winning bonus scheme, a personal development fund, being a name and not a number, organic fruit, really comfy chairs, and the occasional hug.