Working here

Hello! We are Media Molecule. We are a smallish 50 person development team based in Guildford in the UK, working exclusively for the PlayStation platforms. Having shipped three games for which we’ve won numerous awards, including 9 BAFTAs, we’re now working on new IP for the PlayStation 4, and the next generation of Play, Create, Share.

Mm  Group 124

What's it like to work here?

We maintain a ‘family’ vibe, where every person is responsible for their own direction and collaboration, and we all sit together in a big open plan mish-mash so we can work as closely as possible with one another.

Raw talent complements our freeform approach to crafting games

We've found that the most brilliant people can use their talent, and knowledge of the latest and greatest techniques, not to tick an engine feature off a milestone list, but to freely and quickly collaborate with one another, pushing back the boundaries of what’s possible.

Focused on iteration

Since 2006 we’ve focused on iteration time for everyone, not just designers, and whilst building Tearaway we found that regular ‘game jams’ within the constraints of the overall game design have been a hugely productive method for trying out ideas quickly, before finessing the ones we like into shiny perfect experiences.

If you’ve honed your game-crafting skills into sharp pointy things, but desire a collaborative arena to wield them in, then Mm is the place for you!

Office upstairs
Wall doodle


The studio is split into two distinct floors, one for working in, and the other for playing in, although that line is somewhat blurry.

Upstairs is where we come together to eat and play. It’s a huge open space with a fully equipped kitchen regularly stocked with tasty noms (much of it free range, local and organic) and a fridge containing our stockpile of champagne, ready to go at a moment’s notice.

We fulfil the cliched game studio requirements of having a ping pong table, Foosball, air hockey, and arcade cabinet, and of course a lounge area with a big-ass TV and lots of video games to play on it. We have a ‘sun terrace’ that we use for BBQs in the summer, and cooling the larger bottles of champagne on in the winter.

At lunch time you’ll find a gang of molecules sitting on one big table eating and chatting and probably doing the crossword as a team, and in the evening the space might be host to a party of some sort, or just a spot of Singstar.



We love making things, and we love making them together, so the studio floor is open, bright, colourful, and a little bit messy. We have some cosy meeting areas, and some comfortable quiet thinking spaces to retreat to when things get too noisy. There’s also an art studio where we hold life drawing classes every week, and get paint all over the floor.


We have a ‘whatever you need to do your work’ approach to you, your computer, and your desk space - because some people like to stand at their desks and others prefer an armchair.

The walls are covered in artwork and mysterious production charts that map out our lives, and you’ll see the odd dog running about the place from time to time.

All in all, we like to think our studio space inspires creativity and collaboration, and feels like a nice place to spend your working life.



Naturally everyone loves to share their lives with their families and friends, which is why we try to involve them in every social occasion we have. Whether it’s a planned party around a special event, like Christmas or a game launch, or just a spur of the moment BBQ, everyone is always welcome to join in. and once a month we host Mini Molecules, a day where partners and kids come to the studio to hang out together.

Tearaway party

The Benefits & Perks

In return for your hard work as a Molecule we’ll cross your palms with silver once a month, but we’ll also improve your life in other ways too…


  • Private Medical Cover, and discounted cover for your family
  • Private Dental Cover, also discounted for your family
  • Pension Scheme
  • Life Insurance
  • Income Protection
  • Season Ticket Loan
  • Personal Development Fund
  • Talent Management Scheme
  • Profit Share Scheme
  • Eye test vouchers
  • Childcare vouchers
  • Colleague referral scheme
  • Days off to do charity work


  • A kitchen full of all the food and drink you could ever ask for
  • Monthly Massages
  • Yoga, Singing, and Life Drawing Classes
  • Free PlayStation games
  • Discounted PlayStation games and hardware
  • Discounted Sony Electronics
  • ‘Whatever you need’ approach to IT, seating and desks.