Siobhan Reddy

Studio Director

Media Molecule Ltd

Siobhan Reddy
Siobhan Reddy

Molecule since 2006

My name is Siobhan & I herd the cats here at Mm. We make games together, which can be a complicated thing; sometimes days are filled with glitter, some days filled with doom, some with lots of noise, and then some days filled with love, some days filled with quiet tippity tap of fingers on keyboards, pencils & mouse. I try and make the days be as good as possible, working towards something as amazing as we can make.

Siobhan facts!

  • I play scary games whilst sitting on my couch in the dark or running around fields/woods with my dog.
  • I love making games (and my lovely fella Bazza)
  • I cry when I think about the distance I am from my home.
  • I eat & drink lovely things. I enjoy these pastimes.
  • I drink in the magic of the nature around here. Old trees
  • I watch people, and TV, and theatre when i can.
  • Favourite cheese Isle of Wight runny blue cheese.