John is going to Kayak around the UK. Literally around it. All of it.

John Beech, one of our designers, is going on a two month long adventure. He’s going to Kayak around England, Scotland and Wales (yes he’s skipping Northern Ireland) in the name of charity. He’s going to be raising money for Games Aid - a UK charity that represents the games industry - and we would very much like you to sponsor him! Go on!


Hey everyone, my name is John, and I’m planning a likkle sailboat trip around the UK. It’s a bit like when you go to the beach for the day, but bigger. 2450 miles bigger! My mission should I choose to accept it (wait! I have already accepted it?!) is to Kayak around the country in a bit of plastic shaped like a toy boat, with nothing but my ‘massive arms’ , a paddle, and a power kite to carry me the distance.

I will be setting of from Guildford town centre on August the 8th, outside the Media Molecule Studio where I work as a games designer, and kayaking through London to the sea . From here I will paddle myself like crazy in an anticlockwise direction around the uk before finally heading back down through London and finishing back in Guildford. This should take about 2 months (the current world record for such an attempt) unless:
A) I die
B) I die
C) someone steals my kayak

Read more about John’s crazy mission, pledge some cash and track John’s whereabouts over on this special page we made for him.  Whether you sponsor John or not, why not wish him Bon Voyage via his twitter account, and keep him sane on his trip!

We’ll be sending John off on his journey this coming Monday, and will update you on his progress. Good luck John!


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