LBP2 Game update 1.01 - “Cupcake”

When you turn on your PS3 and fire up LittleBigPlanet today, you should be greeted by a game update, which we’ve nicknamed Cupcake, the cutest of all cakes, and one we’d like to give you on Valentine’s Day the day after Valentine’s day. We’ve been busy fixing some of the pesky problems that have been making some sackfolk’s games play up. 

Check the list below for the full update list

  • Your Craft Earth should no longer obscure the pod when changing your PSN Avatar.
  • If your POD was missing, blocked, broken or contained any create objects it shouldn’t have, it will now be reset to normal.
  • A more accessible “Reset Pod” option is now available should your POD become broken for some reason! To access it:
    • Pause the game / Press START
    • Go to the Settings Menu
    • Select Profile
    • Select “Reset Pod Decoration”
  • The “Naux” glitch / corrupt Sackboy problem should now be fixed - your Sackboy will no longer be squishy and unable to swim!
  • DLC costumes and PODS that have been captured from community levels will no longer be selectable in pop-it. Anyone wearing a “glitched” DLC costume after patching will have it removed.
  • Several improvements to overall game stability have been made.
  • We’ve vanquished some evil code gremlins that were causing crashes and that has improved overall stability.
  • Info bubbles that have long text descriptions (e.g. The sequencer) can now be scrolled in a fixed width text box.
  • There is now a visual indicator showing how high a bounce pad will bounce you when tweaking it in Create mode.
  • Stickers and decorations that are placed on Sackboy only will not appear in the used objects page.
  • Level keys can now be deleted from Pop-it!
  • You can’t watch the credits while already watching them after completing the game.
  • It should now be possible to re-enter your shopping cart if you accidentally signed out when it had some items in it.
  • Players will now be prompted to save the changes made to their level in Create when switching to Play Mode after having changed the Audio Reverb.
  • Emitting and destroying spawn points in quick succession should no longer make the game crawl into the corner and weep.
  • LBP1 sound objects should now be correctly imported when using the option to do so when booting the game.
  • It is no longer possible to access level links to LBP1 Story levels that you have hearted.
  • The Clank Costume has green eyes again!

If you have any feedback about this game update and the things we’ve changed, or just feedback in general, you can let us know via Get Satisfaction. Read this post for more info!


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