LBP2 Game update 1.02 - “Apple Cake”

It’s that time again! When you boot up your copy of LittleBigPlanet 2 today, you’ll notice a game update available, 1.02. Following the new tradition, it’s got the name of a cake and this time it’s called: Apple Cake. Purely because Charlotte in our Testology team made some very delicious Apple Cake for everyone yesterday morning. Nom!

It’s not a huge update, but it does contain some fixes for some issues that some players have been experiencing. Here are the release notes!

  • Fixed an issue where a player that imports a profile from a different user and declines the EULA can still play online. It should no longer be possible for a player that imports another users profile and declines the EULA to play online, selecting an online option should prompt them to re-read and accept/decline the EULA.
  • Fixed an issue whereby a client leaving an online create session would hang when they opted to use the “Import Profile” option after being returned to their pod.
  • Fixed an issue where some Japanese store text descriptions contained visible HTML tags.
  • Fixed an issue where players that had imported beta profiles and were using DLC assets they didn’t own could still use them. In 1.01 we fixed a problem to do with importing assets from the beta trial build which allowed users access to some rare DLC items. Part of the fix was to check for stripped assets and not allow a user to select them in pop-it. The item however would still be visible in pop-it and have an exclamation mark over its icon. Players could highlight one of these items and very quickly press the O and X buttons with it highlighted which would allow the user to still wear it.


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