LittleBigPlanet Fan Meet Recap. Hint: it was a success!

Just a couple weeks ago, we held our annual LittleBigPlanet Fan Meet at the Eurogamer Expo in London. A handful of Molecules, dressed in pink stripes and wearing big grins, attended the show, met with fans who exchanged their fan art for exclusive T-shirts, and gave them the chance to earn special in-game pins.

Thanks to our friends at PlayStation, we were able to take over their PlayStation Access area for the afternoon. After getting their hands on their shirts (and giving Alex Evans a high-five), the eager line of fans bundled inside the room, and we held an expanded developer session. John and I led the proceedings, showing off all the new elements of the recently released Move Pack: the create tools, new story levels, cut-scenes, and mini-games. John then opened up some of the levels from the pack, and from LittleBigPlanet 2, in Create mode, showing everyone how they were put together, and what made them tick.


John plays with one of the crowd!


Fans gaze upon the Move Pack.

After some multiplayer challenges and a weird and wonderful Q&A session, it was time to say goodbye to everyone for another year and head off to the official after-party. There, we took over a big TV and challenged party goers to beat us at our own game!


By the end of the party, it was clear that it was impossible to take a normal picture of John.


Thanks everyone for coming along. We had a great time, as we always do, and we’ll be sure to see you all again some time next year!


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