Ready the Pimms: Rex vs. Cookie at Layer Tennis

Our resident office doodler Rex Crowle will today be facing off against opponent Simon Cook in a match of Photoshop Layer Tennis. What’s that you ask? Rex explained it well enough on his blog, which means we can copy and paste it, how handy!

For those that don’t know the procedure, the two of us will be taking it in turns to create artwork in a series of volleys, building on what has just gone before. And with only 15 minutes for each turn its going to be a mad flurry of paper, crayons and Wacom pens.

The match kicks off at 4pm Here in the UK, which should be 11am in New York, and 8am over in San Francisco. You can watch the progress from the sidelines over on the Layer Tennis Blog.

Above: Rex Warming up for the match

Good luck Rex, may you smash, volley and ace your way to victory!


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