Sackboy. Fo’ REAL.

We’re all totally in love with our little Sackboy character, we’ve spent a couple years watching him run, jump and slap his way though dozens of levels, and the little chap has so much personality we could almost believe he’s real.

So our collective jaws hit the floor when we saw what one of our artists MOTHERS had made, Silvia’s actually made Sackboy, for real, in all his knitted and stitched glory! It’s so good we wondered if we’d hired the right member of the family to work here! (Not really, her son is making artwork for the game that will blow you away) but we can certainly see where he gets his talent from..

Real Sackboy!

So adorable. It makes me want to hug him so tightly that his zip bursts and his button eyes pop out. But I won’t.

And here he is in the Chinese dragon costume:



Just in time to wish everyone a Happy Chinese New Year!

Anyone else got anything to show?! :)


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