April 2019 Newsletter
April 2019 Newsletter

Happy almost-end-of-April, CoMmunity! How do you round up a month like this one in a newsletter? We're not too sure but we'll give it a go! Thank you to everyone who's shown love and support to our studio and Dreams since we launched Dreams Creator Early Access earlier this month. We've been blown away each and every day by your creations in the Dreamiverse and the incredibly valuable feedback you've sent us.

Without further ado, read on to catch up on everything that's been happening over the past four weeks, from the launch of Dreams Early Access to last month's PAX festivities! There's also your usual dose of beautiful fan-art, and the chance to Meet a Molecule, too!

Guest Artist: ryan47

The absolutely stunning image at the top of this month's newsletter comes directly from the Dreamiverse, courtesy of ryan47! The creation, titled The Ocean 2, caught the eye of plenty of CoMmunity and Molecules alike shortly after the launch of Creator Early Access!

We definitely recommend heading over to ryan47's profile in Dreams to check out their other creations!

Dreams Fact!

During the Creator Beta, we were awestruck with how many creations our community brought to life. And now, 2 weeks in to Dreams Creator Early Access, we were curious how many creations have we brought to life in the Dreamiverse. The answer is...

Dreams Fact!

This Month at Mm HQ

Dreams Early Access Launches!

Dreams Early Access Launches!

This month we launched Dreams Creator Early Access and, honestly, we're still pinching ourselves! To celebrate the occasion, we streamed for 12 straight hours and...it went some places. Some places with live Pomeranian VJ sets and a candy-themed twin stick shooter game starring Sony Worldwide Studios President Shuhei Yoshida. Yes. That all happened. You can also catch the demo our team gave at EGX Rezzed in April.

If you missed out on any of the fun, you can catch up on our YouTube channel! If you've not yet dived in to the Dreamiverse, you still can! Dreams Creator Early Access is available in select regions, and you can find out more information (including store links!) on our blog.

Girls Make Games

Girls Make Games

We had the amazing honour of hosting our friends at Girls Makes Games' here at Mm Towers this month for a Dreams workshop! The team spent two days here at the studio helping aspiring female game devs to create in Dreams, and we couldn't believe how awesome their creations were! If you're interested in learning more about the amazing work Girls Make Games do, you can read more here.

Dreams Streams - WE'RE BACK!

Dreams Streams - WE'RE BACK!

You read that right! Our weekly Dreams streams have returned, and will be taking place every Thursday, and we've already started! You can check out our latest stream on Twitch or YouTube. Each week, we'll be playing through a bunch of creations picked out from the Dreamiverse, as well as answering questions and giving tips on creating in Dreams!

If you're sharing your creations from the Dreamiverse on social media, don't forget to tag it with #MadeInDreams! That way, anyone - including us! - who clicks on the hashtag will be able to see everything that gets shared!

Last Month at Mm HQ

PAX East

PAX East

We can't believe it's already been a MONTH since PAX East! We spent 4 days at the show creating, demoing and chatting Dreams to everyone at the booth! Not to mention our awesome CoMmunity Meet-up on the Friday night! If you missed out on what we got up to at the show, you can re-live our creations with this handy Twitter thread!

Inside Mm HQ

Meet a Molecule

Meet a Molecule

Lisa Devon is part of our fantastic Audio team here at Media Molecule! If you've been at EGX Rezzed or Insomnia64 this month, you will have spotted Lisa along with other Molecules creating in Dreams and showcasing the audio tools, so now's the perfect time for you to get to know her a bit better!

What do you do on Dreams?

I make bleeps and bloops (sound and music) for Dreams! Before starting at Mm, I worked at a post-production studio doing sound for film. I use a combination of techniques I developed there and the super powerful audio engine in Dreams to create instruments, sound effects, music tracks and sound design moments for our games.

For sound design, a typical day might involve me recording some objects rolling around on a fridge door (yes, we have a disembodied fridge door in the studio), pitching them down in my audio editor, adding some effects and importing it into Dreams for a Roll-a-Ball game!

If I’m making music for a collection, I would familiarise myself with the style first, maybe listen to a few examples in that genre, and then start putting together a draft with instruments in our collection. If I feel like it needs something special (like a kazoo, of course) I can record a specific sound and create a new instrument. If the rest of the audio team love it, we add that instrument to our collection for everyone to use. I love experimenting with Foley sounds as percussion elements, so sometimes you might find me banging on a cardboard box and making a weird drum kit from that!

What're you looking forward to the CoMmunity doing in Dreams?

I can’t wait to see experimental music videos. Dreams is capable of some really unique abstract sonic and visual art, and would make an excellent visualizer at events, parties, installations, etc. I love the fact that it’s so easy to hook up rhythmic pulses from sound gadgets into sculpt tweaks and keyframes. I’m also really excited to see epic collaborations. I think the ability to combine skills and passions is what makes this game so cool.

What do you like to do in Dreams? Do you have a favourite creation?

I am pretty obsessed with the music creation tools and haven’t ventured outside of those too much, although I really want to start! Watching our artists and animators work has been really inspiring, so I’m keen to try making a rhythm game with fun visual aspects. It’s so hard to pick a favourite creation. I tend to love experimental things, so Flipyap’s monochrome sculptures tickled my fancy. I also really enjoyed j_plusb’s music!

Favourite food, movie and song, in that order. GO!

I must preface this by saying it’s impossible to pick a favourite in any of these three categories. If someone put a squirt gun to my head, I would say: Indian, Fifth Element, and then I would take the squirt gun bullet :D

Finally, what’s your favourite game?

I recently played Playdead’s Inside for the first time, and it completely blew me away. The sound design is masterful - those sonic booms

CoMmunity Happenings

Fan Art Board

Our fan art board has two lovely pieces on it this month and they're both birthday themed! First up, for their birthday, @MiltFire108 gave US a present, in the form of this awesome image of Frances rocking out with her trusty guitar! And secondly, @SteinWalsberg celebrated their big day with THE BEST CAKE EVER! Look at that Imp!


We're on the lookout for new Molecules to join in the fun and make Dreams the best it can be! Follow the links below to read more about our current vacancies at Mm Towers!

Stay up to date on our jobs page

Current positions

We've been busy, but we're not slowing down anytime soon! Along with starting up our weekly streams again (the first of which you can watch right here), Kareem will be heading to FMX Festival next week AND we'll be attending Norwich Games Festival at the end of May so there's plenty of places to get your Dreams fix outside of the Dreamiverse.

You can keep up to date with all our goings-on with our Events Calendar!

And of course, we'll be working hard on evolving Dreams! If you've got any feedback in mind from your time in the game so far, head to feedback.indreams.me and let us know! You'll also find a bunch of helpful Molecules and other CoMmunity members there, ready and willing to help you out!