December 2019 Newsletter
December 2019 Newsletter

It’s been mere days since our last newsletter but as it turns out we’ve had a lot going on at the studio! Of course, the biggest news is that Dreams has an official release date! That’s right, we’re releasing Dreams to the world on February 14th, 2020. AND it’s the holidays! As of now the Media Molecules are emptied out until the new year! It’s fair to say that the Molecules are all kinds of excited right now. So, for the last time in 2019, let’s round up all our goings-on in Mm Monthly!


Guest Artist: Skeuomorpheus

As you may know if you watch our streams, we’re BIG fans of Fungus Fox and Friends. So when we saw that Skeumorpheous had released a Christmas themed edition, we just had to feature it at the top of this month’s newsletter! We asked Skeumorpheous to give us a little behind-the-scenes on how Fungus Fox came to be:

I began with the external scene, before doing the interior rooms, sketching out the general shape and adding the game mechanic right at the end. I made sure there were a few incidental elements in each scene to add life to it (you can knock the paper hats off - another genius idea from my 5-year-old creative director!). Logic-wise most of it was relatievely simple - though the conditions for when to trigger the end sequence was tricky. I used a lot of Dreamiverse creations in this too - from a quick look I think there are well over 200 creators' featured here. The main music is called 'The Princess Royal' and is a traditional English folk tune - it is is sometimes played as a set with 'Speed the Plough' from the first Fungus Fox game. Happy Christmas from Fungus Fox and his friends!

What's New at Mm HQ?

Dreams is on the Way!

Dreams is on the Way!

Yes, really! Dreams will be launching for PS4 on Februrary 14th, 2020 - the most Mm-y day it could possibly launch! You can read all about our announcement (and watch our amazing new trailer) here, but those of you in Early Access can expect to see a whole wealth of changes made to Dreams at release including our motion-free control scheme, a whole new intro to Dreams, new tutorials and so much more - including Arts Dream, our first piece of Mm storytelling in Dreams...and lots of the fixes you requested in Early Access. <3.

And of course, if you already own Early Access, you’ll upgrade to the full release at no extra cost! So, here’s counting the days down to 14th February! (56 days, just in case you are actually counting!

Jumanji Meets Dreams!

Jumanji Meets Dreams!

It’s not every day you get to play Dreams with The Rock, Jack Black, Karen Gillen and Kevin Hart, but we got to do just that this month! Abbie and Jamie traveled out to meet the stars of Jumanji: The Next Level with a special Dreams creation that included some very Dreams-like versions of the actors! You can see the results for yourself by checking out this video!

Impy Awards!

Impy Awards!

The Impy Awards are right around the corner (OMG) and we’ve been busy here at Mm Towers whittling down all the amazing nominations to create our shortlists - it’s no easy task, everything nominated is just SO GOOD! Thank you to everyone who nominated a creation or creator in any of the 21 categories, the response was amazing! We can’t wait to host the show on January 26th, 2020!

Of course, you still have a role to play in this. We’ll be opening up our 6 community-voted categories in the new year, where you’ll be deciding on awards such as Favourite Streamer, Most Helpful Dreamer and Best Voice Acting! Stay tuned for details...We’ll be opening up the voting on January 16th.

Our Neon Sign!

Our Neon Sign!

Everyone loves a good, huge neon sign - including us! And now we have our very own here at Mm Towers! We had our lovely Made in Dreams sign installed this week and we’ve caught a fair few Molecules stood in front of it, hypnotised ever since.

CoMmunity Happenings

Community Christmas Collections

Community Christmas Collections

It’s an exciting time in the Dreamiverse if you’re after some Christmas themed assets! Both DiamondDiancie10 and the Dreams Guild have released their own asset kits this month to help you along with setting the perfect Christmas scene. You can check out DiamondDiancie10's kit right here, and the latest from Dreams Guild here.

Meet the CoMmunity - Lucid_Stew!

Meet the CoMmunity - Lucid_Stew!

You likely know the name Lucid_Stew if you regularly turn to YouTube for CoMmunity created tutorials! If not, you may recognise him from being part of the Dreams Guild - a community group creating amazing asset kits in the Dreamiverse! We've put him in the hotseat this month to get to know a little bit more about him!

What do you like to do in the Dreamiverse?

I like to make things that make it easier for other people to make content for themselves. I also like to drop WiiiTCHCRAFT's Caprice into crazy scenes and drive around.

If you could give other members of the CoMmunity a piece of advice for their time in Dreams, what would it be?

Use social media to make Dreams friends, collaborate, and show the world what you can do.

What was the first thing you created in Dreams?

It was a scene called Christmastime for Connie. I did it for the beta Christmas community jam. My big accomplishments in that were figuring out how to use fog and creating the worlds worst avalanche.

Favourite food, movie and song, in that order. GO!

Fettuccine Alfredo with spinach and mushrooms, True Romance, "The Olive Tree" by Scale The Summit.

How can people find you in the Dreamiverse?

On my Dreams profile, of course! Also, I'm @Lucid_Stew on Twitter and run a YouTube channel which you can find here! I'm also active in the Dreams Discord and subreddit!

Who'd you like to get to know in the Dreamiverse? We'll ask them some questions for next month's newsletter!

gauffreman, because what they're able to accomplish in such a short time is stunning, and I'd like to know their secrets!


We're on the lookout for new Molecules to join in the fun and make Dreams the best it can be! Follow the links below to read more about our current vacancies at Mm Towers!

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We’ve got quite a year ahead of us, don’t we? First up, Impy Awards, then Dreams releases and then there’s just going to be ... so much fun stuff!

We’ll be back in the studio from January 6th next year, getting prepared for all of that! We’ll have more information on what to expect at launch, what to expect after launch and where to catch some Molecules in the wild in 2020.

Thank you for all of your continuous love and support for all things Mm and Dreams! Happy New Year!!!! <3