February 2019 Newsletter
February 2019 Newsletter

Forget the month, it's been a busy WEEK at Mm Towers. We've had media visiting, announcements made, bugs to fix...but we also have ALL of you to thank. Some of you have been on the Dreams journey with us for a very long time - longer than some of us have even been a part of the Dreams journey - and now releasing Dreams is a very real thing that is happening! There's a bit further down with links to all the Early Access details, but we just wanted to say upfront how excited we are to go on this journey with you and for us, this is truly the launch of Dreams.

We heard you loud and clear during the beta - that you were ready to dive in - and so even though we have more work to do on features and content that we want to be there for the full release, we're happy to work on those alongside you, because you helped us realise the tools suite is ready to go and it would be silly not to let our most invested fans get started. So thank you, you inspire us!

We hope you enjoy this month's Mm Monthly, and make sure to read on until the end - we need a small group of people to help us test out some upcoming Dreams features!

Guest Artist: LadyLexUK

Our Guest Artist this week comes from the Dreamiverse! LadyLexUK was the winner of our Chinese New Year jam, and fittingly so! Just look at her Chinese Banquet sculpt. It's making us just a little hungry!

We'll be featuring plenty more community creations at the top of Mm Monthly once Dreams releases.

Dreams Fact!

We knew you were busy bees during the Dreams Creator Beta, but did you know HOW busy you were? Below is the number of creations released in to the Dreamiverse during the 6 weeks that the beta was live for!

Thank you once again to EVERYONE who took part in the Dreams Creator Beta, and everyone who provided feedback - you're helping shape Dreams from here on out!

Dreams Fact!

This Month at Mm HQ

Dreams Early Access

Dreams Early Access

Just in case you haven't heard - Dreams Early Access is launching in Spring 2019!

We announced the exciting news on Wednesday, 20th February to the big wide world and the reception has been amazing. We're so excited for this next step in bringing Dreams to life. Read all about Dreams Early Access with the blog, and stay tuned to our social channels for all the exciting news!

Last Month at Mm HQ

Global Game Jam 2019

Global Game Jam 2019

As is now tradition, we took part in Global Game Jam! A bunch of Molecules holed up at Mm Towers over the course of a weekend to create some games in Dreams! But, that's not all! We invited all of you in the Dreams Creator Beta to take part, and the results were amazing! We showcased the creations from Molecules and CoMmunity in our GGJ stream, which you can watch here.

Last Tips, Tricks and Beta Creations

Last Tips, Tricks and Beta Creations

Throughout the Dreams Creator Beta, we streamed each Friday to show off a ton of creations straight from the Dreamiverse, and even though the beta closed on the 5th February, we couldn't resist one last stream! You can check out which creations were showcased by watching our video!

Inside Mm HQ

Meet a Molecule

Meet a Molecule

Angela Tyler is one of our fantastic Producers here at Media Molecule, keeping the team ship shape throughout the development of Dreams! She's involved in all our streams, too, making sure everything is running smoothly behind the scenes, so we thought it's a good time for you to get to know her a bit better:

What do you do on Dreams?

I’m an Assistant Producer working with the content team on all things…content! I started life at Mm as the Studio Assistant, then Studio Coordinator before moving into the world of Production. My day-to-day involves scheduling, chasing, helping to problem solve and making sure the team have everything they need. I love working with such a talented and awesome team, they are constantly blowing my mind with their creations!

I also help out with setting up for our streams. It’s great being part of these and reading all the comments that come in. I get to press the “Go Live” button and frantically restart everything when the sound doesn’t work!! If you see any dodgy camera cuts, that’s me!

What're you looking forward to the CoMmunity doing in Dreams?
Everything! I’m amazed at the variety of Dreams that have already been created. I’m looking forward to a good tower defence game though if anyone wants to accept that challenge!

What do you like to do in Dreams? Do you have a favourite creation?
I like to play! I’m more of a player than a creator (although I did make a pumpkin which I’m quite proud of). Our artist Dan made a beautiful sculpture of an owl that I’ve made my desktop background. I’d love to get it printed to put up in my house! I also love The Tree by Wargarble, it’s so simple but looks so unique.

Favourite food, movie and song, in that order. GO!
Chinese takeaway (specifically mini vegetable spring rolls, crispy duck pancakes and sweet and sour chicken Hong Kong style!)

The Matrix. So many classic moments and quotes. THERE IS NO SPOON

Anything by Millencolin. They’ve been my favourite band since forever. It doesn’t matter what is going on in life, Millencolin always make me smile <3

Finally, what’s your favourite game?
This is super hard to pick just one game. If you force me just to choose it’ll have to be Dungeon Keeper (sorry Diablo II!). I’ve just finished Two Point Hospital which was awesome, but all my gaming time is currently being used to play PUBG

CoMmunity Happenings

Fan Art Board

We're so happy you've started to get to know Connie and Cuthbert, our resident shape-folk in the Dreamiverse, and @codylucky13 created the adorable picture of 'em both below! Next up, @LBAnimation celebrated their birthday with the MOST amazing Dreams cake we've ever seen. Happy birthday, folks! Finally, @solidnicorasu blew us away this month with the beautiful picture of Art and friends you can see below!


We're on the lookout for new Molecules to join in the fun and make Dreams the best it can be! Follow the links below to read more about our current vacancies at Mm Towers!

Stay up to date on our jobs page

Current positions

We Need You!

Did you get stuck into any of the Dreams create tools during the Beta?

Are you interested in helping us test upcoming Dreams features?

Are you easily able to travel to London (UK) on a weekday?

If so you might be able to help us out with upcoming user tests!

If you think this is something you might be interested in, please follow this link to fill out an application form and we may get back to you about testing Dreams at a future date!

We've got a busy time ahead! First up is our previously mentioned GDC engagement, where Siobhan will be giving a talk on Dreams' journey so far and we'll be showcasing Dreams live on stage! If you're attending GDC, you'll also be able to pop by our booth for a chance to go hands-on with Dreams.

After that? PAX! We'll have more information on what we'll be getting up to in Boston soon, but do let us know if you'll be heading to the show - we want to make sure we have plenty of fun stuff planned for those of you attending!

You can stay up to date with all our goings-on on our social media channels, and keep an eye on our Events page on mediamolecule.com!