February 2020 Newsletter
February 2020 Newsletter

Hello! Whew, what a month February has been. We’ve been all over the world talking about and showcasing Dreams, running charity streams with community members and, oh yeah, we LAUNCHED DREAMS! This whole month has, in fact, felt like a dream!

Before we get on with this newsletter, we just wanted to say the most massive THANK YOU to everyone who’s shown us and Dreams all the amazing support. It’s been an incredible couple weeks of seeing reactions from Dreamers old and new, and we’re so excited for the future of the Dreamiverse!

What happens now, you might ask? We’re busy collecting feedback, observing the live game and working on our next series of updates and support for Dreams. We have some cool stuff in the works and we’ll be continuing to improve the Dreamiverse with every patch, our first which you’ll see in March. And yes - we’re pretty busy working on VR support as well!

Let’s catch up with this monumental month in Media Molecule history (and try saying that five times fast!).

Narvikgutten & Majoneskongen

Guest Artist: Narvikgutten & Majoneskongen

We kicked off the launch of Dreams with a Medieval Fantasy Community Jam, and what a jam it was! The creations have been amazing, and The Pilgrim by narvikgutten and Majoneskongen proved the most popular. We caught up with the two creators to find out a bit more about it:

Hi! We are two brothers living in Norway. I “Narvikgutten” study computer science and my brother “Majoneskongen” studies medicine. We have been enjoying Dreams ever since the beta and early access. And we made The Pilgrim in Dreams!

We started creating The Pilgrim during the summer of 2019 after having a rough idea of it for several months. We knew we wanted the creation to revolve around different gameplay elements requiring a lot of logic. NeonTheCoder’s amazing YouTube tutorials were therefore incredibly helpful during the development of the character. The character along with its abilities was completed first, and served as a guideline and inspiration for the level design. Our goal was to create something that we would enjoy playing ourselves. We also wanted to rely on visual storytelling in a mysterious atmosphere; only showing the player what happens and letting their imagination fill in the backstory. We mainly worked slow and steady with The Pilgrim for some hours every week, and managed to publish it just in time for the release! (there might have been a little bit of crunching the final day)

Thank you to everyone who’s played, liked, commented, speedrunned and explored (and even made raps about!) our creation. You are what motivates us to create even more in the future! Also a big thank you to those who contributed with assets for our game! PS: We wanted to give a shoutout to jc04tu and Killiterous for their amazing and mind-boggling speedruns of The Pilgrim. These guys have been able to finish our creation in ways we never even thought imaginable!

What's New at Mm HQ?

We launched Dreams this month!!!

We launched Dreams this month!!!

Everything is new at Media Molecule now that Dreams is out! As we mentioned up top, it’s been a crazy couple of weeks here at HQ. We’ve had an incredible time watching as the Dreamiverse expands.

We tried to think of any other news for February but well...we launched Dreams. There’s still a lot of work to be done to keep the Dreamiverse running and evolving, so most of our day-to-day has involved feedback, future planning and working on the content for our upcoming patches. From here on out, we’ll have more concrete updates to share in each newsletter and we’re excited to continue to bring you cool stuff in Dreams.

Our Streams!

Our Streams!

MOAR STREAMS! We’ll be streaming every Tuesday and Thursday, alternating between create streams and play streams. Tuesdays, you’ll get to see our Molecules jamming out in Dreams, and then Thursdays are all about YOU! We’ll be gathering up a collection of creations from the Dreamiverse each week and play them on stream!

You can catch up on our latest streams over on our YouTube channel!

Next month we’ll have plenty of exciting creations streams, including a music creation stream with Ed and a look behind the scenes at how we made some of our Impy Awards ads!

CoMmunity Happenings!

Meet  MrCaseyJones!

Meet MrCaseyJones!

Have you heard of Opposite Day? If the answer to that is ‘not yet!’, you’ve got 7 (or is that, technically, 5?) games to get acquainted with in the Dreamiverse! In the meantime, get to know the creator of the franchise - MrCaseyJones!

Warning: All of these answers may be the opposite of what they seem. We can’t be sure. This is MrCaseyJones, after all....

What do you like to do in the Dreamiverse?
I like to make spaces to walk around in a first person view, to make games that challenge and confuse the player, too! Most of what I make is off the top of the dome, and I like filling spaces with stuff for players to see as they roam. But the thing that most pleases me, is just interacting with the lovely community!

If you could give other members of the CoMmunity a piece of advice for their time in Dreams, what would it be?
I know starting a big project can cause trepidation, but like a house your Dream needs a good foundation. Big or small you just have to start somewhere, so open a new scene and start putting stuff in there! The small details can come near the end, the journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step, my friend!

What was the first thing you created in Dreams?
My first day in EA I made a futuristic sofa/chair, it has a overhead light and some sci-fi flair. The top spans the chair like canvas bed, I wanted to make something simple and that popped in my head!

Favourite food, movie and song, in that order. GO!
For food give me a pizza, Caesar salad, and rootbeer, I don’t drink alcohol, to be clear. The best movie to brighten my day, is the wonderful French film Amélie! I could probably pick a million bands and songs, but that’s overkill, so here are 3 wildly different bands: Chela, Black Cobra and Second Still!

How can people find you in the Dreamiverse?
Search MrCaseyJones and you’ll find my creations, just make sure you have low expectations!

Who'd you like to get to know in the Dreamiverse? We'll ask them some questions for next month's newsletter!
She’s helped me out with a few projects, so I think you should interview Bella_Iris next!



We were absolutely lost for words at the start of this month after watching members of the CoMmunity discuss what Dreams means to them! We're still recovering from all the emotions we felt after seeing your videos!

Thank you to everyone who shared their stories with us, we'll never quite be able to put in to words how much it means to all of us here in the studio. <3

We took an opportunity to record a video of our own after launch, to let you all know what the Dreams Community means to us. You can watch it here!

Community Launch Stream

Community Launch Stream

Thank you to all our amazing community streamers who took part in the 24 hour launch stream on Dreams' big day! It was incredible to see you all come together to help us celebrate the launch, and raise over $1,000(!!!) for the Sony Foundation Australia appeal, to help those effected by the bushfires earlier this year.

A huuuuge thank you to @PhreakyDreams who put all of this together! Without you, it wouldn't of been possible!

Updates! Cool things! Responding to your feedback! Using more exclamation points!

And we said it once, but we’ll say it again - truly truly thank you all for your support and kindness this month, everyone at the studio has felt the warmth you’ve all shared with us and is so grateful.

We'll see you in the Dreamiverse!