January 2019 Newsletter
January 2019 Newsletter

Happy New Year, CoMmunity and what a month it's been! The Dreams Creator Beta is going strong and we're constantly amazed at what the CoMmunity is creating! Over 20,000 invites have gone out to players who signed up in January so we've been busy manning forums, fixing bugs and exploring the Dreamiverse. We've got a big year coming, so read our first newsletter of 2019 to catch up on all things Mm

Guest Artist: Lidas

Our Guest Artist this month comes from the Dreamiverse! Lidas was a runner-up in our beta New Year's Eve Community Jam at the beginning of January, and his creation ''New Year's in the Neon City'' looks perfect at the top of this month's newsletter!

Dreams Fact!

Our first Dreams Fact for the year is all about words! Specifically, how many words make up the super helpful Tool Tips you'll encounter while creating in Dreams!

Dreams Fact!

This Month at Mm HQ

Dreams Creator Beta

Dreams Creator Beta

As we mentioned the Dreams Creator Beta has been a whirlwind for our team at Media Molecule. Beta is helping us shape Dreams to best fit your needs, and we have more bug fixing, tutorial and dreamiverse work do in the future. Beta is running through February 4th, 2019, and if you want to ensure what you create is available to return to in Dreams make sure you PUBLISH before that date. Privately saved creations can't be carried over.

Tips, Tricks & Beta Creations

Tips, Tricks & Beta Creations

Throughout January, we've been streaming each week to show off the absolutely amazing creations populating the Dreamiverse. If you've missed any of the streams so far, we've popped together a playlist for you! You'll also find some invaluable advice from John Beech on how to create in Dreams.

Want to play through the Collections we've made in the Dreams Creator Beta? Head to the MmDreamQueen profile, and you'll find them in her Creations!

Global Game Jam

Global Game Jam

Come jam with us! This weekend, we'll be hunkering down at Mm Towers in groups of Molecules to take part in this year's event, and you can check out our plan right here! There's still time to register at your own GGJ site, too! We hope to see you creating alongside us in Dreams this weekend, just tag your games GGJ or GlobalGameJam. Remember, GGJ has a theme and it will be announced Friday when “Hawaii starts jamming” but we'll post it on our channels when we know it!

We'll be streaming and sharing GGJ on Monday, January 28th (5 PM GMT).

Inside Mm HQ

Meet a Molecule

Meet a Molecule

Luci Black is our UX Writer! Dreams is full of useful tips on how gadgets, modes, menus and so much more work, and Luci's responsible for all of it. In fact, this month's Dreams Fact is ALL thanks to Luci! As you'll be reading her words during your time in the Dreamiverse, we thought it'd be a great idea to get to know her a little better!

What do you do on Dreams?

I’m a UX Writer. I name and describe all the game features, most particularly the creation tools, to help players understand what they do. All those More Info tool tips that pop up when you hover over something are my babies.

It starts with me talking to someone who knows that area best. So for example, with the art tools, I sat with Kareem while he demoed them to me, and we discussed possible names and ways to describe things. Then I went away and messed around with the art tools, refined name ideas (spending a lot of time in online thesauri) and drafted “more info” text. The whole time I’m running things by Kareem and the coders involved in the tools, as well as our wonderful QA folks, and artists who actually use them.

Once the names and tool tips are in, QA checks them for typos, inconsistencies and inaccuracies. At the same time, the team are “living with them”, so any feedback they have comes my way. The most important feedback, of course, comes from players – I’ve already made some changes based on beta feedback. As the audience opens up I’ll continue doing that, because they’re who this is for, after all!

What're you looking forward to the CoMmunity doing in Dreams?

Crazy things that make us wonder how they did it and marvel at their skills. Which is already happening, but will only get more amazing. They’re levelling up at an incredible rate – the sort of things we’re seeing after only a few weeks is just phenomenal. It all very much reminds of the first weeks of LBP, when we’d gather round someone’s desk many times a day going “WAT”. Now we have a huge TV in the studio running the beta, and we’re constantly looking up to see a crowd around it laughing or oohing and aahing.

What I love most is that you don’t know what you’ll see next. It’s the inside of peoples’ heads! That is fascinating beyond belief. The clever/skilful/accomplished stuff is great, but what I really enjoy is the stuff that makes me go “What…on earth…is happening?”. No matter how shonky it is. In fact if it’s shonky I like that even better.

What do you like to do in Dreams? Do you have a favourite creation?

This is going to sound terribly boring but what I like to do best is work on it. We have fantastic text tools which allow me to use the tools and edit the text live on my screen as I do it. That is FUN. Best job in the world. Sorry about it.

Seriously though, I’m more a player than a creator. I keep saying I’ll get there. When I do, I hope I’ll make mad things like Has Science Gone Too Far by Xionbrium. It’s exactly the sort of thing I’m talking about that exemplifies why UGC is great. I laughed like a lunatic. It’s SO funny and also kinda disturbing. My jam. I also love The Rake by jplus_b, because what’s not to love?

Favourite food, movie and song, in that order. GO!

Potatoes - my desert island food, along with the means to prepare them in every way possible.

Blade Runner – it seems to never age, and is simply the most influential sci-fi movie of all time. I’m a big Ridley fan. It was hard to choose between this and Alien. Can I have both please?

Speechless by Gaga – I will never tire of that song, and singing it is the most fun.

Finally, what’s your favourite game?

These days I play a lot less games (gardening is my leisure activity of choice) and when I do it’s iOS. So for a recent game I have to say The Room Old Sins. It was perfect. A beautiful distillation and refinement of everything they’ve done in the previous ones. The puzzles were fantastic, and the story and atmosphere sooooo spooky.

My favourite game of all time, however, is Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past, on the SNES. It’s the game that made me love games, and ultimately pushed me onto the path that lead me here.

CoMmunity Happenings

Fan Art Board

The first Fan Art Board of the year is full of awesome art! First up, Jon has given us another brilliant depiction of Frances and her trusty mallet, while Milt has recreated a shot from a recent PlayStation trailer that featured Dreams! Finally, Lucas sent in a wonderful piece of LittleBigPlanet art, which can be seen in full on his Instagram! We're going to have to start adding art made in Dreams soon!


We're on the lookout for new Molecules to join in the fun and make Dreams the best it can be! Follow the links below to read more about our current vacancies at Mm Towers!

Stay up to date on our jobs page

Current positions

To say 2019 is going to be a quiet one for us Molecules would be, well, just not true!

We'll be sponsoring Train Jam again this year in March and giving Dreams demos along the way. We'll then be attending GDC, where we'll be taking to the stage to perform live music in Dreams once again, followed up by Siobhan giving a talk on how we hope to unlock player creativity with Dreams.

Next? We'll be heading to Boston for PAX East and we'll have more information on our plans there nearer the time! Let us know if we'll see you at the show! You can keep up to date with all our goings-on with our helpful Calendar!

Of course, there's also the small matter of what comes after beta...Thanks for reading and we'll see you next month!