July 2019 Newsletter
July 2019 Newsletter

Ahoy, CoMmunity...no, no, pirates was LAST month! Welcome to our July Newsletter! Hopefully you’ve been letting your creative spirit SING in our Summer Festival community jam - we’ve still got a few more summer themed jams incoming. It’s been a (relatively) quiet month here at the Molecule - we’ve got a big patch headed to the Dreamiverse later in August and lots of exciting behind the scenes things that we can tell you about...later.

We also got a brand new green screen for our stream room! Yes, you CAN be that excited over a painted wall and we’re excited to make the absolute most of it. is it too early to plan a Halloween costume? We think not. We will start to be on the road more and more this fall - so please come say “hi” if you happen to be at GamesCom, PAX Prime or TGS - we’ll keep you posted where in the world you can find wild molecules!


Guest Artist: zerosweven

Our first Art Kit has been hugely popular in the Dreamiverse, and it’s accompanying jam was our most popular yet! All the entries were spectacular, and Bahto Likes Bones, pictured above, was one of our top 3! zerosweven created the game, so we’ve asked him to give us a rundown of how it came about.

First of all, thank you, everyone who voted for Bahto Likes Bones - I'm thrilled its gotten into the top 3!! The idea of a secondary beast character you have to work with in order to do some platforming came up back in LBP when sackbots came about, but I never got it right. I think the 3D nature of Dreams helps a lot! I'm a total dog person so the idea of having a friendly beast who only cares to play fetch seemed pretty natural and fun. Bahto's look is sorta how I always dressed up my sackboy, a "spirit animal" sorta thing. Though, I wanted him to fit in the 'Ancient Times' world and match Artio as much as possible. I guess the original influence was Shadow of the Colossus maybe meets Dog from Half-Life 2..

Dreams Fact!

Have you used our new search filters? Based on the number below, we think you might have!

Dreams Fact!

What's New at Mm HQ?

Guildford Games Festival

Guildford Games Festival

We were honoured to play a part in this year’s inaugural Guildford Games Festival! We took Dreams along (complete with our very own version of Guildford made in Dreams) for those at the show to check out and chat about. We’re also extremely proud to have had several Molecules win at the Guildford Games Awards, as well as Dreams taking home Experience of the Year!

Jobs! Jobs! Jobs!

Jobs! Jobs! Jobs!

We’ve recently opened up some brand new job positions here at Media Molecule - jobs that knowing your way around Dreams’ tool suite is a requirement for! Among others, we’re on the lookout for a Community Content Creator, someone who can work as part of Community Team (and collaboratively with our art/animation/design molecules) to create content for community/social/event needs. It’s a great opportunity to help develop this position - it’s new for us and we’re quite excited about it!

You can find links to our new positions near the bottom of the newsletter. Make sure you read through the requirements before applying!

Videos, Streaming and Playlists!

Videos, Streaming and Playlists!

Our twice weekly streaming schedule has been continuing on (bar a week when we were super duper busy Molecules and once when we melted in the heat) throughout July, and we’ve played a ton of AMAZING creations from the Dreams community, and jammed around plenty of themes! Follow the links below to catch up with any you may have missed...

Mm Jams Playlist

CoMmunity Creations Playlist

Remember, we stream Tuesdays and Thursdays at 5PM BST on Twitch and YouTube!

We’ve added yet more community tutorials to our Dreams Community YouTube playlist! If you’ve found a super useful tutorial we haven’t shared yet, let us know!

CoMmunity Happenings

Meet the CoMmunity!

Meet the CoMmunity!

If you know Dreams, chances are you know Project Genesis. Genesis’ videos have been keeping everyone (including us!) up-to-date on the coolest creations in the Dreamiverse, as well as informing people of the latest news in Dreams. We thought we’d take this opportunity to introduce him to you, and get to know him a little better ourselves:

What do you like to do in the Dreamiverse?

I love browsing creations in the Dreamiverse because you have no idea what you're going to see when you go on there, as someone who doesn't create, Dreams is still perfect for me because there's infinite content to enjoy.

What do you look for in creations when creating your videos?

It really depends, with so many different types of Creations I look for different things in each that I enjoy, is it fun, is the level detailed, how good is the sound effects/music, does it feel great, is the FPS smooth, is it replayable, how much effort was put into this, is this creative, is the animation smooth, etc... I'm quite picky.

What’s been your highlight of Dreams Early Access so far? Do you have a favourite creator?

The Highlight for me has definitely been update v1.04 "East Friesian”, a major update that makes it easier to find new creations and great creations. Honestly there's so many amazing creators! But if I had to choose I'd probably say Disarmed. He's a madman, I love his style of music and his creations. He's blown me away with his creations so many times.

Favourite food, movie and song, in that order. GO!

Favorite food is Attieke (African Food), favourite movie is now Spider-Man: Into the Spiderverse after watching it like 6 times, it’s a 10/10 movie! And my favourite song is Santan Dave - Black.

Where can people keep up to date with all your goings on?

You can keep up to date with me on my Youtube Channel: "Project Genesis" where I do a lot of Let's Plays with Creations, talk about Dreams, give feedback, etc

Who'd you like to get to know in the Dreamiverse? We'll ask them some questions for next month's newsletter!
I’d love to know more about DisarmedX!

Thanks, Project Genesis! We’ll have to see if DisarmedX is up to being our community spotlight for August

Fan Art Board

We knew it’d only be a matter of time before we included fan art made in Dreams in this part of our newsletter! And so, below, you can see the fabulous portraits of Mark, Kareem and Siobhan made by LadyLexUK! You can check them out for yourself in game by visiting her profile in Dreams!


We're on the lookout for new Molecules to join in the fun and make Dreams the best it can be! Follow the links below to read more about our current vacancies at Mm Towers!

Stay up to date on our jobs page

Current positions

It’s almost time for us to hit the road! First up, we’ll be heading to Gamescom 2019 for a full week of demo’ing Dreams, and then our eyes are set firmly on PAX Prime in Seattle to do it all again!

In the meantime, we have plenty of streams (including a fan favorite Kareem Stream on July 30th!) on the horizon, new Community Jams and updates to Dreams! Stay tuned to our social pages to keep up-to-date with everything going on in the Dreamiverse...and beyond!