July 2021 Newsletter
July 2021 Newsletter

Whew, what a month. It’s gone by in a flash - we’ve been so busy preparing for, and then enjoying, DreamsCom ’21 that we’ve sped straight past July and are now into August! Woah!

Let’s hit the brakes, then, and take a look back at a jam-packed month in the Dreamiverse - featuring new Mm game announcements, loads of coMmunity highlights, and so much more!


Guest Artist: JechtaPlays

The developer behind upcoming adventure game Aria, JechtaPlays is well known for their wonderful art and assets. They really took us by surprise this DreamsCom, however, with the fantastic idea of making a 'behind the scenes' art piece of their workstation, which you can see at the top of this email! We had to find out more...

Where did you get the idea to make this interactive 'behind the scenes' artwork, and what was your goal in making it?

The idea behind the Jechta's Workplace started when I saw the awesome realistic lanyard asset and camera movement made by John and Jamie from Mm. At first I only wanted to make my name on the lanyard, but not long after, it got a bit out of control! I thought it was maybe more fun to showcase my Aria booth at my workplace, where people can interact with the room while there are some clues laying around from the upcoming game. I'd let people finish and build my Aria prototype booth with the correct colors, as it's shown at the real DreamsCom21 event.

How accurate is this artwork to real life? Do you really love to eat fairy bread when you're working on your dreams?! And what do you call this snack where you're from?

The workplace itself is half accurate to real life, since I made the room a lot smaller than my actual place - but you can visit my real living room in the dream Jechta’s Place, which is 90% more accurate. Most of the sculpts are actually how it is on my desk and around it.

The bread you see on the desk has, however, haunting me for a long time now - even my own girlfriend makes jokes of it sometimes! It all started since I saw the famous John Beech's amazing English breakfast made in Dreams. The community was making their versions of this breakfast, and as a Dutch person, I was jealous looking at all the delicious food being posted on social media! It got me eager to show how we Dutch eat our breakfast in the morning. it’s just simple bread - with or without butter - and a lot of chocolate sprinkles on top of it. We call this delicious chocolate on bread ‘Hagelslag’, which is literally translated to ‘Hail Battle’ because you just drop it on the bread like hail and the sprinkles start to have a battle with each other on top of it! (Great, now I have a new game idea that's popped into my head - but back to the topic...) For others, it's more known as chocolate sprinkles - some Dutch people even eat it with peanut butter.

The bread had to be on my desk, otherwise it would not have been complete and as accurate in real life - it became part of me! But it’s really delicious and this is actually what I eat often in the morning, mostly on the weekends when I am creating in Dreams. It's easy and quick food so I have more time to sculpt. You really should try this!

What's Happening at Mm's Many HQs

On Track For Danger!

On Track For Danger!

Two new Media Molecule games? It’s true! At DreamsCom ’21, our coMmunity-powered virtual convention, we revealed our fancy new Mm Originals brand, and the first two games that will release under it. One of them is Tren - which is the now-official title of John Beech’s gorgeous, nostalgic train game. The other? Ancient Dangers: A Bat’s Tale, a single-player or couch co-op dungeon crawler shown for the very first time at the expo. You’ll be able to play them both in Dreams once we’ve finished cooking them up!

A Return To The Office

A Return To The Office

For DreamsCom ’21, we headed back to Media Molecule HQ to present a week of DreamsCom ’21 streams live and in-person from the office. It was important to be as safe as possible while we did so, and so made sure to distance and wear specially-made Impsider-branded face masks - as well as some cool new threads from the PlayStation Gear Store! It was so lovely to see our Guildford mothership again for a little bit, and we hope you all enjoyed the surprise. We’re back to working from home now - our animal and plant friends missed us!

Dreams Merch Is Here!

Dreams Merch Is Here!

FINALLY. You may now adorn your person with Dreams merch, so that you can rep the Dreamiverse while you’re out and about doing your grocery shopping, hanging with friends and sneakily dressing up cats in tiny hats when their owners aren’t looking. (Actually, maybe don’t wear it while doing that last one. We don’t want that traced back to us.) Pre-order your t-shirt, jumper and/or water bottle today!

CoMmunity Happenings

DreamsCom ’21 Wraps Up!

DreamsCom ’21 Wraps Up!

Our second-ever DreamsCom was, by all accounts, an absolute delight. This year’s show featured 47 halls full of incredible, creative, endlessly varied booths submitted by YOU, and we had so much fun exploring them all in-game. We also did a lot of POLITE YELLING about your amazing creations across our livestreams, social media accounts, indreams.me blogs - and even within the pages of a special DreamsCom companion magazine. Thank you to all of you who submitted booths, made trailers, put together demos, squeezed your game pitches into 15-second clips, tuned into our coverage and visited the show floor - you made this year’s DreamsCom one to remember.

DreamsFest Gets Ready To Party

DreamsFest Gets Ready To Party

It’s August, and you know what that means - DreamsFest is nearly here! We got an exclusive peek at this music festival made in Dreams on one of our DreamsCom ’21 streams, and it’s looking truly brilliant. The DreamsFest team are hard at work putting all of the musical acts, minigames and coMmunity-made tents together in their international, explorable hub - we can’t wait for the show to begin, and we hope you’ll join us there!

Happy Birthday, Dreams Sounds!

Happy Birthday, Dreams Sounds!

There was another musical shindig recently, as Dreams Sounds - founded by our very own in-house curator Ally Mitchell - turned a whole one year old! Members of the Monday Night Crew gathered on Twitch to take a trip down memory lane with classic tracks, special remixes and a full showing of the album-slash-concert from venwave and gek0h’s recently-released Floworld. We’re still recovering from the sheer hype. A big U R A G to everyone involved!

Meet meanlad!

Meet meanlad!

The 'mean' in meanlad's name must be referring to the mathematical term, because the Grove Zero Tower Defense dev and YouTube creator is one of the friendliest people you'll meet in the Dreamiverse. Here, they talk about helping out the coMmunity with their tutorials and guides, and offer some heartfelt advice about experimenting creatively!

What do you like to do in the Dreamiverse?

Ooooh! A big mix of everything but I spend most of my time creating (game, character and level design are my favourites!). In Dreams terms, I’m big into Art and Logic! I feel my most zen and in-the-zone when I’m sculpting new characters, assets and levels - the hours just vanish. And I love updating my old Dreams with new features! I am also a huge fan of the Community Jams and events, I’m always itching to participate.

I spend a lot of time making weekly YouTube tutorials that are beginner-friendly and aimed at making the tools in Dreams ever more accessible and removing the stigma around logic being scary. My tutorials are mainly focused around Ability Guides (giving your characters cool moves and superpowers) and Gameplay Guides (adding useful/classic gameplay mechanics to your dreams). I also love working on my multi-part Let’s Make video series where I make games and characters from the ground up, such as Tower Defense Games and 2D Arcade Fighters.

Dreams is so wonderfully inclusive and I love hitting up the streams and videos of my fellow Dreamers (big shoutout to Vince Kully, TAPgiles, LyzLdy and Mm!) and of course playing/watching/experiencing all the fabulously original Dreams that couldn’t exist anywhere else. In essence, I love doing everything you can do in Dreams and as a part of the coMmunity!

If you could give other members of the CoMmunity a piece of advice for their time in Dreams, what would it be?

Reach out! There has never been a friendlier or more supportive community of creators. When I first began using Dreams I was very much a solo creator, but there is so much you can learn from reaching out and making friends in the Dreams coMmunity. On the simple practical level, you can learn amazing skills and tips that can make your Dreams look more delicious, sound groovier, run smoother or control more fluidly. And you may have figured something out that the Dreams coMmunity hasn’t managed to crack yet. It could be anything, a logic trick, a painting technique, an approach to music, an animation hack; we can accomplish and learn so much together and propel Dreams and the coMmunity leagues further than if we all worked on our own.

With that being said, a lot of the time it will just be you and the ol’ controller (or move cons!). I would say, make what you always wished you could. Be patient with yourself. Don’t expect it to be AAA. Don’t worry about release dates. Keep on keeping on. And finally, open your mind to the possibility of what Dreams can do. I love Art's Dream because it is a multi-genre experience. You can make the wackiest ideas, doodles and daydreams a reality, so don’t worry too much about genre and convention. Be a bit crazy!

What was the first thing you created in Dreams?

Connie (Battle-Damaged). I love Connie and I wanted to give her a grizzled look, so I made an arrow stick out of her head and gave her a few scratches. But I was a total noob and I think I broke her logic. But look how far I’ve come *gulp*!

Favourite food, movie and song, in that order. GO!

Potato Salad, Whisper of the Heart and ひこうき雲 (Hikoukigumo) by Yumi Arai.

I also love pizza, but in my teenage years I tragically developed an allergy to cheese and chocolate. :*)

How can people find you in the Dreamiverse?

The best place would be my YouTube channel (meanlad). I make a point of responding to all of my comments, answering questions, making requested videos and generally getting involved with the coMmunity! I post most of my updates and news on Twitter (@meanlad_dreams) and Reddit (ssj_meanlad). I also have a Patreon account (meanlad) for my followers: the Mean Knights :D

I’m from Cape Town, South Africa (shoutout Mzansi), so keep in mind the time zones in case I take a while to respond!

Which creations are currently your Top 10 in Dreams?

In no particular order they would include:

Four Seasons - A fan-created Avatar Game (this is what got me into Dreams)

Art’s Dream

It’s True What They Say

Megapenguin Rehatched

Interpolation (Vince is an underrated genius)

Planetary Defense Commander (have played no other Dream as much as this


Noguchi’s Bell Episode 1

Untitled Imp Game

ETHAN GOES TO WORK... (loved every second of this, my favourite dream)

Who’d you like to get to know in the Dreamiverse? We’ll ask them some questions for next month’s newsletter!

I've firstly got to say a massive thank you to my bruski Vince Kully for suggesting me!

As for who should come next, it’s gotta be the fantastic LyzLdy!

This Month's Wallpaper

This Month's Wallpaper

Not ready to say goodbye to DreamsCom just yet? Yeah, us neither. Do join us in setting this fabulous bootscreen as your wallpaper, and enjoy the buzz of the show floor this year just a little bit longer.

Download it here!


We're on the lookout for new Molecules to join in the fun and make Dreams the best it can be! Follow the links below to read more about our current vacancies at Mm Towers!

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Told you it was a big month. Summer in the Dreamiverse has been a scorcher so far, and we’re very much looking forward to the rest of it. And, indeed, to the next big event - things are already getting pretty spooky around here...

Whatever you’re up to in Dreams at the moment, don’t forget to keep us updated via our social channels - send pictures, give us feedback, tell us jokes! And why not join us on stream on Tuesdays and Thursdays at twitch.tv/media_molecule to see what we’re playing and working on in Dreams?

Until next month, CoMmunity!