June 2018 Newsletter
June 2018 Newsletter

Happy June, CoMmunity (or, as it's better known, E3 Month)! We're sending Mm Monthly to you following a long journey to and from Los Angeles and, if you've been following our channels, you'll have seen what we've been up to last week, which included letting press go hands-on with Dreams for the first time and a self-cloning acrobatic penguin (are you surprised?). If you missed the coverage, follow this link immediately to see the demo and check out the round-up of E3 coverage below. And if you missed our E3 social media antics head to our Twitter Moment for a recap.

Of course, there's plenty more to dive in to this issue, so read on!

Jon Eckersley

Guest Artist: Jon Eckersley

Jon Eckersley is the Art Molecule behind the header for this month's Mm Monthly. This Temple was created for some of the earliest concepts of Dreams!

If you want to keep tabs on Jon and see what he gets up to, you can follow him on Twitter!

This Month in Dreams

Dreams at E3 2018

Dreams at E3 2018

What a calm and quiet month it's been! What did we even do? Oh...

Okay, we're joking. June has been massively crazy! We hopped over to Los Angeles to show off Dreams to global press and E3 attendees, survived jet lag, performed a live music concert in Dreams AND created a Mega-penguin story with other developers and community.

The reaction to Dreams from those who went hands-on has been amazing and warmed all of our hearts. Thank you to everyone who joined in the fun on our social channels, and we can't wait to keep bringing you more Dreams!

Last Month In Dreams

Music in Dreams Stream

Music in Dreams Stream

Last month's Dreams stream was our most popular EVER! Thank you to those who tuned in or have watched since, we hope you enjoyed it. For those that haven't yet seen what Music in Dreams can offer, head over to our YouTube and Twitch channels to see Tom, Ed and Bogdan run you through what's possible with our Music Tools. We can guarantee funk, grooves and an irresistible urge to dance!

Kareem at Animex 2018

Kareem at Animex 2018

Kareem's sessions at Animex 2018 were super popular, with a ton of people coming to learn all about Digital Sculpting in Dreams. The team behind the Animex festival also sat down with Kareem following his sessions to talk about how Media Molecule got started and where he sees our industry going in the future. Follow the links to check out the chats!

Siobhan at Nordic Game

Siobhan at Nordic Game

Our Molecules were travelling quite a bit last month! At the end of May, Siobhan jumped over to Sweden to give her Glitter and Doom Part 2 talk as part of this year's Nordic Game Conference. The talk itself wasn't streamed, but our friends over at GamesIndustry.biz rounded up everything you need to know, and you can check out some pictures on our Twitter profile!

Inside Mm HQ

Meet a Molecule

Meet a Molecule

The Molecule you'll be meeting this month is the one and only Bogdan Vera - an Audio Molecule and one fifth of The Molecules, our in-house Dreams band! We put Bogdan up to the task of answering our five questions this month, so let's see how he got on...

What do you do on Dreams?

I'm an audio and music programmer focusing primarily on user interaction. I managed to convince people that the DualShock 4 and some colourful circles is a good musical interface, and nowadays I'm mainly concerned with usability and making the interface sleek. I've also spent a lot of time on the Timeline component, trying to bridge gaps between animators, game designers, musicians and sound designers working in the same arrangement tool. I also made a brutal metal track played by a banana.

What're you looking forward to the CoMmunity doing in Dreams?

I can't wait to see games, but I'm really excited to see what interdisciplinary media artists do with Dreams. Everything from art installations to live music. I am hoping some experimental music wizard will take their PS4 with Dreams on-stage and do a set with visuals and live audio all coming from the game... though I might beat them to it. Dreams is great for that stuff because the interface can be whatever you want and the motion controls add an extra layer of interactivity and expression you don't get with many digital performance systems.

What do you like to do in Dreams? Do you have a favourite creation?

I'm a musician and audio nerd so I spend most of my time in the audio tools, but I've also made some quirky platformers and short weird films with a Lynch-ian vibe. I really like making interactive dreams where the user just explores some kind of audio-visual system and learns to control it or just sits back and enjoys the experience.

My favourite non-campaign creation so far is a 4-player pirate game Daniel Kidney (one of our coders) made, because it was hilariously simple and lots of fun to play (and also I got to record pirate voices and sea shanties for it).

Favourite food, movie and song, in that order. GO!

Food: Egged up avocado toast, because millennial.

Here are THREE different movies I could watch again any time:

Princess Mononoke, A Clockwork Orange, Children of Men

Song: Pink Floyd's "Echoes" (Live at Pompeii Version) is basically sublime.

Finally, what’s your favourite game?

OK, I'm going to give you THREE games I could play again any time:

Doom 2 for its raw brutal gameplay and design. Reading the book Masters of Doom about how the game was made is something that got me hyped up to go into game development and quit grad school where I was really depressed. Also I love that making maps for Doom is like fun sketching rather than work.
Neverwinter Nights is probably my overall favourite game of all time, and also because I first touched game design when I messed around with the editor in it and created content for MMO-like persistent servers.

Night in the Woods in terms of feels - the game spoke to me a lot and I'll never get tired of doing crimes and confronting Lovecraft-ian Rust Belt cults.

New Molecules

New Molecules

We've had a fair few new Molecules join us the past couple of months, and we apologise for not introducing them sooner! Firstly, we've added two new Molecules to our Animation team - Pablo and Anne! We've also introduced our QA Molecules to Tim and Tom, as well as opening our doors to Tom* , our latest Programmer!

(*We have seven Toms. SEVEN. We're renaming ourselves to Media Tomecule.)

CoMmunity Happenings

Kareem and Imp Figures

Kareem and Imp Figures

Thanks to Enoch from DreamsVerse.com, we now have our very own, IRL Imp and Kareem has his own, well, Kareem! The lovely gifts were sent to us this month and now have pride of place at Mm HQ!

Fan Art Pin Board

Our first piece of Fan Art this month, courtesy of @AnthC_, embraces heavy metal's latest superstar - Bernie the Brutal Banana! Bernie made his debut during E3 in one of our segments during the PlayStation E3 showcase. Secondly, @Drawinglover98 welcomes in Summer with his IMPressive piece of fan-art! And finally, @Spectro_Anime, graced us with Mega Penguin art quicker than you can say Mega Penguin

Next Month at Mm HQ

Shouldn't there have been a stream this month? Never fear! Now that we're recovered from our E3 2018 adventure, we're happy to say that our next Dreams stream will be taking place Friday 29th June, 2018 at 5PM BST live on our Twitch channel! Head over and subscribe so that you don't miss out!

We hope you enjoyed Mm Monthly as much as we enjoyed putting it together! June has been huge for Media Molecule, and we're super excited for the month's ahead! We'll see you in July for Mm Monthly #4!