May 2018 Newsletter
May 2018 Newsletter

Happy May, CoMmunity! Welcome to the second issue of Mm Monthly, and thank you for subscribing! Once again, we'll be giving you an update on what we got up to at Mm Towers over the past month, you'll get to see some more AMAZING fan art, and the first official Meet a Molecule. So, sit back, relax and enjoy Mm Monthly!

Emilie Stabell

Guest Artist: Emilie Stabell

This month's header comes from the awesome Emilie Stabell, one of our Art Molecules here at Mm! It's one of the many beautiful original concept designs for Emilie's projects in Dreams.

You can check out more of Emilie's work on her website right here.

Last Month in Dreams

Logic and Design Stream

Logic and Design Stream

Our latest stream dived into the Logic and Design elements of Dreams, something we know you all wanted to learn more about, as well as detailing just how our TrainJam team made Comic Sands. We really hope you enjoyed April's live stream, but if you missed it, you can watch it on YouTube and Twitch right now. This month's stream, taking place on Friday, 18th May at 5PM BST, will dive in to the Music Tools in Dreams!

Alex's UK Games Showcase Talk

Alex's UK Games Showcase Talk

As part of the UK Games Showcase,during London Games Festival, we sent our intrepid co-founder Alex Evans to give a brief interview about Dreams. During his time in the hot-seat, Alex spoke about the development of the game, what exactly you can do in it and just a little inside information at a particular aspects of Dreams... If you missed it, you can watch the full Showcase right here.

Inside Mm HQ

Meet a Molecule

Meet a Molecule

We're super proud of Liam's recent inclusion in's '100 Rising Stars of the UK Games Industry' list! Congratulations, Liam!

This month we've asked him to answer some 'get-to-know-me' questions so you can all learn more about him and his role at Mm.

1) What do you do on Dreams?

I'm a programmer, so I spend my days creating and shaping the bits of code that make Dreams do all of the wonderful things that will let our players make wonderful things! There are a lot of creative tools in Dreams, so what I work on day-to-day changes a lot, but lately I've been working on our sculpting tools, our animation system, and the core assembly toolkit.

2) What're you looking forward to the CoMmunity doing in Dreams?

Blowing our minds! I'm so so so looking forward to our players creating things that make all of us Molecules wonder "how on earth did they manage that?", because then not only are you making amazing dreams and experiences, you're also teaching us new things about the game we’re making, and that's mega-exciting.

3) What do you like to do in Dreams? Do you have a favourite creation?

I'm a programmer, so I have a life-long love of logic (say that ten times fast!). When I'm creating in Dreams, I usually trying to find some new way of using our logic tools to make something nobody on the team has thought of yet. I recently made a text-adventure puzzle game where you're stuck in a time loop at a party, and have to use what you learn on each loop to solve puzzles and escape. That's probably my favourite thing I've made in Dreams (so far!).

4) Favourite food, movie and song, in that order. GO!

Spaghetti Carbonara: lord of all pasta dishes.

The Fifth Element: I can never not watch this when it's on TV.

Song: Just about anything from the Steven Universe soundtrack.

5) Finally, what’s your favourite game?

Oh my, this is a tough question to answer. For sheer mechanical perfection, Tetris. For character, style, and nostalgia, the first two Oddworld games have a warm place in my heart. But in terms of hours played, memorable experiences, and friends made, it'd have to be World of Warcraft.

Whoops, that's like... four games instead of one. Oh and actually, I forgot to mention a few other games tha-

Thanks, Liam! That's all the space we have this week for Meet-a-Molecule. Tune in next month to meet a different face of the dev team!

Mm FC Kicks Off!

Mm FC Kicks Off!

Each Tuesday evening, a bunch of Molecules gather together to play some football! It's the perfect way for the team to get out and active - the best thing after a full day of working on Dreams! So, we want to introduce you to Mm FC as it stands right now. Here's the first official team picture!

CoMmunity Happenings

Fan Art Pin Board

This month's pin board is full of some IMPtastic art from @OliverRadford2 and @NytStarlet, as well as the awesome ELE-D art from @Gregzilla! If you have some art that you would love for us to see, send it to us on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram!

Kareem on Dreambubble Podcast

Kareem on Dreambubble Podcast

Our Art Director, Kareem Ettouney, dropped by the Dreambubble Podcast to chat to host Danny Berbara about all things #DreamsPS4. If you haven't listened yet, it's well worth it! Kareem talks about how he develops his skills, his amazing background and what goes in to developing a game like Dreams! Plug in your earphones and 'ave a listen.

Tone Control Talks to Siobhan

Tone Control Talks to Siobhan

If one podcast isn't enough, then we've got another! Siobhan, our wonderful Studio Director, sat down with Steve Gaynor (co-founder of Fullbright, creators of Gone Home and Tacoma) to chat about how she got started in the video game industry, up to this very moment! If you missed it last month, then you can find it and listen to it right here.

This Month at Mm HQ

May is going to be a lot of fun at Mm Towers! Not only will we have a brand new audio stream for you, Kareem will be at Animex in Middlesbrough giving TWO talks on digital sculpting, Siobhan will be in Malmo speaking at Nordic Game 2018 AND we've got our Music Stream happening Friday, 18th May at 5PM BST!

That's a busy month, and we won't blame you if you need reminding. Keep track of all the Mm happenings with our fancy calendar.

And finally, keep up to date with all the goings on, make sure to follow us on our social pages, bye for now!