November 2019 Newsletter
November 2019 Newsletter

Why is this November newsletter arriving in your inbox in (checks calendar)...December?! Well, we had some pretty awesome news and we decided it was worth waiting to send you the November issue with our announcement included! And you MAY have guessed from the newsletter art - that we’re broadcasting the 1st Annual IMPY Awards on January 26th, 2020 (5 PM GMT!). We’ve been having a blast getting everything ready for the big night and nominations are opening on Monday, December 9th and running through Friday December 13th! Keep reading for more information on how to vote for your favorite creations and creators in the Dreamiverse. And now...on to the newsletter!

Miguel Sanz & Dan Goddard!

Guest Artist: Miguel Sanz & Dan Goddard!

We tasked Miguel, the graphic designer here at Mm, with making us an IMPY award logo worthy of...well, YOU! With a bit of feedback from the team and some iteration, the IMPY’s branding was born. From there, we asked Dan to design an award to match...and a stage...and theatre...and Abbie and Tom...and um...well, you’re just going to have to watch the show to see more! We asked both Dan and Miguel to give some insight in to their parts of the design - here’s what they had to say:

When designing the announcement piece for the IMPY’s I knew I wanted it to be focused on the trophy. I made some slightly technical sketches (front and back views) of what I thought it would be cool for the trophy to look like then sent those to our awesome artist Dan. He sculpted those in Dreams and sent them back to me. The final sculpt turned out so good that the only thing I needed to do was throw the trophy into an in-Dreams photography set with a backdrop I took from the Dreamiverse, some colourful lights and some fog to make it look as mysterious and exciting as possible. Then I took a shot of the scene and implemented the graphic art. ¡Listo!

Dreams makes manipulating simple shapes very easy and a lot of fun. When bringing Miguel’s design to life in Dreams making sure the Imp proportions and logo looked accurate in 3D was important and I could achieve this by breaking it down into simple shapes such as a cube, sphere and cone. Then that classic cheeky imp face and logo are sphere and cylinder cuts. Finally the cherry on the top is the shiny metallic finish to get that authentic trophy look. Boom!

What's New at Mm HQ?

The 1st Annual IMPY Awards!

The 1st Annual IMPY Awards!

Save the date for January 26th, 2020 5 PM GMT! We will be streaming the Impy Awards live from Mm HQ! We hope you’ve been carefully considering your nominees because the voting is nearly open! Watch our social channels on Monday December 9th at 10 AM GMT for the nomination link.

That link will be open through Friday December 13th after which we’ll be taking those nominees and narrowing down the shortlists to five nominees for each category. We’ll then be asking YOU to vote on several of the awards and trusting our panel of Mm and industry judges to select the rest of the winners. The shortlists and community voting will go live on January 16th, so stay turned for that! We really wanted to offer a lot of categories so we could recognise as many Dreams as without further ado, here they are:

Creator of the Year

Dream of the Year

Best Visuals

Best Narrative

Best Sculpture

Best Song

Best Animation

Best Gameplay

Best Curator

Best Character

Best Sound Design

Funniest Creation

The ‘’Awww-ard’

Most Improved Dreamer

The Wish-I-Had-Thought-Of-That Award

Hidden Gem Creator (voted by community)

Hidden Gem Dream (voted by community)

Community Star (voted by community)

Best Voice Acting (voted by community)

Favourite Streamer (voted by community)

Most Helpful Dreamer (voted by community)

We’ve got more info to follow on our awesome judging panel, how to vote for the finalists, our in-game awards and more...keep an eye on our social channels and join our weekly streams for more information!

Goodbye, Early Access!

Goodbye, Early Access!

As part of our Impy Awards announcement, we’ve also confirmed that Early Access will be removed from the PlayStation store on December 8th, 2019 (11.59pm GMT / 9th December 00.59am CET). This won’t impact anyone who already owns Dreams, you’ll be able to access the Dreamiverse same as ever, we just won’t be admitting new players until Dreams officially launches.

At that point, all the Early Access owners will upgrade to the full game at no extra cost! This leaves you with just a short window to pick up Dreams if you don’t have it already - or tell a friend!

Hello, 2.0!

Hello, 2.0! will be opening up to the general public on December 10th! The web team has been putting major work into updating the site (and are continuing to develop cool features for it) and we’re finally ready to let everyone check it out. This means when you share an link, anyone will be able to see it on the site. We hope this makes it easier to share your creations!

Happy 25th, PlayStation!

Happy 25th, PlayStation!

Jamie made this sweet birthday surprise to celebrate the 25th anniversary of PlayStation! We can’t believe it’s been that long and we’re super proud to be a small part of the consoles’ history. If you’re feeling hungry for a retrospective, Game Informer has featured PlayStation as their cover story this month in honor of the anniversary and Mm Studio Director Siobhan Reddy makes a cameo!

CoMmunity Happenings!

Tri-Expo Stream 2019

Tri-Expo Stream 2019

The lovely Trixel Creative team will be putting on their annual Tri-Expo stream, showcasing creators and their latest creations from both Dreams and LittleBigPlanet! We can’t wait to tune and see what both of those incredible communities have been cooking up! We’ll be hosting the stream on our Twitch channel from 8PM GMT, so tune in!

Meet the CoMmunity - Billy_Cultist

Meet the CoMmunity - Billy_Cultist

Last month, Mandelbo nominated Billy_Cultist_, creator of ‘The Howling Woods’ and most recently ‘The Cass Mansion’, as our guest community member for this newsletter! We dropped our questions over the them so that we, and you, could get to know them a little bit better and how their creations come to life!

What do you like to do in the Dreamiverse?

I enjoy art and design mostly, and especially building explore-able environments!

If you could give other members of the CoMmunity a piece of advice for their time in Dreams, what would it be?
If you’re creating, don’t forget about implied detail. It will go a long way in helping you to get thermo friendly creations that look good.

What was the first thing you created in Dreams?
It’s called ‘The Mysterious Tower’, and can be found in the Dreamiverse!

Favourite food, movie and song, in that order. GO!
Food: fried mozzarella sticks. Movie: Krull. Song: Stairway to Heaven!

How can people find you in the Dreamiverse?
Search for ‘Barney Reagle’s House’ in the Dreamiverse, or simply search for ‘Billy_Cultist_’

Who'd you like to get to know in the Dreamiverse? We'll ask them some questions for next month's newsletter!
I’m not too sure to be honest! I’m not a super social person in that way, although there’s quite a few people with amazing art styles I follow in Dreams.

HMMMM...You can head to in to Dreams to see who Billy_Cultist_ follows and...give us a shout of who you’d like to see us speak to next!


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We’ll be putting out our December newsletter ahead of the holiday, so look for one coming in just a couple short weeks. In the meantime, you’ve got your work cut out for you (and so do we!) with the Impy Awards nominations - make sure to have them submitted by the scariest deadline ever...Friday the 13th!