October 2021 Newsletter
October 2021 Newsletter

Somehow we’re already in November, Dreamers. October came and went like a speeding ghost-train and it was SO much fun! Filled with all the spooky goings-on in #AllHallowsDreams, a couple of amazing Community Jams and much more besides, there really wasn’t a dull moment in the Dreamiverse. Read on to catch up on last month’s antics, and learn a little bit about what’s to come in November...


Guest Artist: FuchsFeuer82

The wonderfully soothing piece of art you see at the top of this month’s newsletter is the work of FuchsFeuer82 - doesn’t it just make you want to hug something? We caught up with the creator to ask them more about the process of painting 2D scenes in Dreams, and their love of turning inspiring elements into something that’s altogether new.

The foliage and leaves are particularly beautiful in this scene - and the dappled texture on the girl and the rabbit make them look so soft, almost paperlike! How do you bring life and dimension to your 2D paintings in Dreams? And what techniques do you like to use?

A great way to breathe life into the pictures is to work with the different Flecks and Finishes, e.g. I use the Hatching Fleck for eyebrows, Streaky for fluffy areas and the Heavy Fleck for strong outer lines and to fill in large areas. If you use finishes such as plastic or shiny for eyes and lips and then work with light effects, these get a great lively shimmer! And finally I surround my pictures with 3D elements. That gives the whole thing that certain something, I think.

Otherwise, I only use a classic drawing technique that I learned in art class: first of all, I make a rough sketch, then paint the outer lines and then start to paint the picture and, as already mentioned above, to set highlights with Flecks and Finishes. That's it - no magic, no false bottom!

Dreamy In Green is your original work, made for @titsay’s redraw challenge on Twitter. What attracted you to that particular redraw challenge? We notice you often like to recreate certain concepts but in your own artistic interpretation - what is it about this kind of ‘remixing’ of art that speaks to you as an artist?

What particularly appealed to me about @titsay's redraw challenge was the big difference in our styles. Titsay uses a completely different colour palette - many of her pictures appear so delicate, almost wrapped in silk. Mine, on the other hand, are rather gloomy, sometimes quite nostalgic. For me it was a great opportunity to leave my comfort zone and try out a completely different style. It would never have occurred to me myself to work with so many different shades of green!

And that's exactly what makes me "remix" art. Every time I start a new work I learn something new and consolidate my own style. For example, in the last few months I have often painted eyes based on templates from various artists. I took over the effects that I liked best, combined them and developed my own way of painting eyes.

And another - perhaps the most important - aspect is the fact that "remixing" totally relaxes me! It's hard to describe, but when I implement an idea entirely of my own, I start to put myself under pressure very quickly. The demands on myself and on my works are very high. I don't have this stress when remixing, because I treat myself much more gently. It is "just" a learning process, a trial and error. There is no right or wrong. And that feeling is just priceless!

What’s Happening at Mm’s Many HQs

AHD: Ghost Train Dazzles!

AHD: Ghost Train Dazzles!

Our Halloween community event was an absolute scream this year. All of your hard work on pumpkins, scarecrows and custom ghost trains paid off, as we opened the jam-packed Carnival of Curiosities for all to enjoy. There were some stream hijinks too, one featuring some very silly costumes and another looking through your terrifying Halloween jam entries. Tom’s still recovering.

Don’t Cross The Dreams...

Don’t Cross The Dreams...

We’re supposed to be busy with work on the next Impy Awards, but a recent release has kept up preoccupied... An official collaboration with Sony Pictures and Ghostbusters!

Made by SlurmMackenzie, byvsen and Martin Nebelong with the added help of the Molecules, we surprise-dropped this time-attack score chaser for everyone to play. Trouble is, it’s so fun and competitive that we can’t even tear ourselves away. Oops. Why not check out the cast of Ghostbusters Afterlife splaying the game and setting their high scores, or read a little more about the making of the project?

An Out-Of-This-World Stream

An Out-Of-This-World Stream

We’ll be welcoming Professor Brian Cox on to our Twitch stream on November 12th at 7PM GMT to check out a selection of entries to the Brand New Planet community jam that ran at the end of October! Tune in to hear Prof. Cox’s verdict on whether your planets would make a suitable new home for humanity...

CoMmunity Happenings

Spooktacular Collabs!

Spooktacular Collabs!

All Hallows’ Dreams: Ghost Train wasn’t the only event going on in Dreams during the spooky season: we had a blast checking out Pookachoo’s cheeky trick-or-treating sim TOTS2: TP Spree, as well as beardofcats88 and DissObeyGames Dream-o-ween costume contest!

Permanent Imp

Permanent Imp

The first-ever Dreams tattoo..?! Quite possibly. This beautiful - and very permanent - art is now officially part of NotreDamin!

Yes, that is indeed their in-game imp - and the story gets even better. This stunning tattoo is the work of another member of the community, the talented willow_the_bob, after Notre spent hours travelling over to the studio to sit for the piece.

Fly Your Phreak Flag

Fly Your Phreak Flag

Bittersweet news from the streaming sector, as community legend Phreaky wrapped their final ‘Dreams Have Meanings’ stream for the foreseeable future.

Fortunately for this most noble of Dreams traditions, NotreDamin (of the aforementioned imp tat) is stepping up to host the streams - including the brilliant 30-minute creation challenges - in Phreaky’s place. Let’s all give a big hand to to Phreaky, then, for all they’ve done for the coMmunity. We all wish you the best of luck with your exciting new job!

Meet SoundsLikeTreble!

Meet SoundsLikeTreble!

What do you like to do in the Dreamiverse?

Currently, I spend most of my time in Dreams importing audio samples I’ve recorded or making weird voice effects for most anybody who reaches out with a need! Of particular note, I just got done importing several hundred recordings of vegetables and meats being destroyed for their sweet, squishy, sound effects. I’m a sound designer by trade so I spend a lot of time singing Bogdan and Ed’s praises, or shaking my fist at the sky when they haven’t added a feature I want yet.

I’ve also been getting to do a lot of writing and pre-production for Dreams projects this year, but a lot of that happens outside of Dreams, even though is still a huge part of development.

Dreams has a high skill ceiling for lighting, and I think as the platform and teams evolve that we are going to see a lot more impressive cinematography. Getting my hands dirty with more lighting is a goal of mine for 2022.

If you could give another member of the community a piece of advice for their time in Dreams, what would it be?

Think for yourself. You’re an artist and you should be giving yourself challenging projects that are worth your time. But on the other hand, consider giving up some creative control if it means you can work with like-minded and talented creators. Having complete say over your work is great, but working on a team can be tons of fun if it’s with the right people.

And finally, cut your losses if a project or team just isn’t working. We have limited time here on this earth, and some juice just isn’t worth the squeeze.

What was the first thing you created in Dreams?

Back when I still had time to stream, one of my viewers reached out to me about making title music for their game. It’s called Linked by Aevox23 and is an interesting puzzle game where you control two robots at once as they move in tandem, and using the environment you have to forcibly separate them and get them to stand on the exit plates together. I went with a dance/electronica sort of vibe, which is something I don’t do much of, but it turned out great. I felt doing dance music would really match the aesthetic he had going on, and I fit a 3-part through-composition into a little over a minute runtime before it loops. I’m very happy that some cool panning and vocal chopping ideas made it in via percussive sequencing.

Favourite food, movie, and song in that order? GO!

Call me basic, but I’m a sucker for spaghetti.

I’m a huge film buff, so asking for a “favourite” movie is heresy, but some movies I think never get old for me are: Ferris Bueller’s Day Off, The Princess Bride, An American Werewolf in London, any of Jackie Chan’s non-American films, The Prestige, and Children of Men. I really like a good balance between dark imagery and a dry sense of humour, and I get that Jackie Chan fits neither of those, but by god, the physical stunts he created in his prime were gravity-defying madness.

Fave songs? Hide and Seek by Imogen Heap never fails to relax me, Where is the Line by Bjork pushes my “This is weird but I like it” buttons in just the right way, and I’m huge into the instrumental prog scene that’s been going on this last decade (check out Physical Education by Animals as Leaders, or G.O.A.T. by Polyphia, etc). Really any artists that try to break the mould and play outside of the cookie-cutter, made-for-radio mindset are what I gravitate towards.

How can people find you in the Dreamiverse?

On the twelfth night of the third moon, simply whisper one’s intentions into the woods and I will find you. Or you know, just message me on Twitter @SoundsLikeTreb1.

I’ve got a couple music tunes on my Dreams account, SoundsLikeTreble, and some comedy voice work in DaniKaka’s Patient Patrol, but look for my upcoming sound design work in NauticalSquatch’s upcoming action-horror FPS, Deadzone Aberration. I’m also doing writing for Team Sunflare for their upcoming episodes of Dr Sunflare’s Lab; the next episode is coming along great and we can’t wait to show the Dreamiverse.

Which creations are currently your top 10 in Dreams?

In alphabetical order…

1. Binary Bash, by Danikaka0092 - it’s fun, polished, and educational.

2. Creeper, by Creme_Freeesh - This is beautifully a creepy house with a full 2-hour game.

3. Demon’s Penance - Prototype Stage, by Tomek_Mrozinski - This shows off the immense potential of Dreams by using clever lighting and staging to make their 3D portraits look like hand-drawn 2D art.

4. Gold Valley 1-4, by RBDJellyfish - This is just a really solid puzzle series that gets harder as they go, but never wore out its welcome with me.

5. Hypercycle Arena 1, by AgentWombatUK - I freaking love Hypercycle Arena in VR!

6. Just Pogo, by A4325176890 - I was legit sad when I finally beat this for the first time, because that meant there were no new challenges. You start off thinking it controls badly, but as you go it becomes clear that there’s a legit skill ceiling to it.

7. Opposite Day, but as a series, played in order, by MrCaseyJones- A surreal, absurdist comedy that comments on our tendencies as gamers, that begins to develop a secret story of conspiracy. Consider joining the Explorer’s Club!

8. Tales from Dark Town: Homecoming, by DirtyFlusher - A turn-based RPG with a cool (and accurate) aesthetic, fun and cheesy dialogue, and a bucketful of nostalgia.

9. Tectonic, by Sanderobros- This is one of the best-controlling racers in Dreams, and the Action mode race that starts altering the level’s geometry on the second lap is genius. I wish they would make an entire game around that mode.

10. The Swamp Monsters, by ShandyBoy1975 - Really anything by ShandyBoy is incredible. Their art is beyond good.

Who’d you like to get to know in the Dreamiverse? We’ll ask them some questions for next month’s newsletter!

The one and only Typhus667. He’s a master of the macabre and never pulls any punches in his creations.

This Month's Wallpaper

This Month's Wallpaper

With our stream with Professor Brian Cox almost here, we thought we’d share a very special wallpaper - it’s our current in-game bootscreen, made by new Molecule mBergs to celebrate the Brand New Planet jam! Pop it on your desktop and be transported to a whole new world...

Click here to download


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Well, that’s October summed up as best we can! Onwards, dear dreamers, to the rest of November, the holiday season - and before long, the 3rd Annual Impy Awards...

Have a good one, and we’ll see you in a few weeks to wrap up November!