Working here

At Media Molecule, a creative community is at the heart of what we do, and especially with Dreams, we’ve been sharing our love of creating games with our players – helping them become creators too. That means our team is always looking to innovate and find creative approaches to playing, creating and sharing, in-game, on the web and in our studio.

We’re also part of Sony Interactive Entertainment (SIE) and a PlayStation Worldwide First Party Studio, which keeps us in great company with other amazing developers and a fabulous network of support around the globe.

Of course, we look to hire the best - skilful, thoughtful, forward thinking people who like an interesting challenge and want to work on a game that’s more than just a game – people who see the potential and power in UGC and want to help craft where Dreams goes next.

From Developers to Designers, Creators, Engineers, Producers, Community and everyone around and in-between, we have a diverse group of people who bring their unique insights to our games. Not only do we have a highly collaborative approach to development but we also offer a welcoming, inspiring and productive workspace for all our Molecules.

If you are inventive, curious and creative - and want to work for 2019’s Best Place to Work, according to, on an award-winning title with exciting things to come – please take a look at what we have available.

Working here Best Place to Work! Gold Winner 2019

The Best Place to Work!

We are super pleased to announce that we won the 2019 Award for the Best Place to Work!