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Dreams Specialist

Media Molecule’s Outreach team is focused on groundbreaking partnerships to develop premium content for Dreams and to explore new, interdisciplinary applications of the Dreams tools.

Dreams Specialists play a key role within Mm. They are community members who have created exceptional work with the Dreams tools, they are active collaborators, clear communicators, and they are enthusiastic about helping others build their wildest Dreams.

Dreams Specialists are kind, encouraging, and curious. They are ready to ask questions when approached with a new challenge or idea. Dreams Specialists work on a wide variety of special projects which may include creative partnerships with brands or IPs (intellectual properties), onboarding technical studios to the Dreams tools, delivering workshops to students, and lots more. A successful Dreams Specialist will understand the nuances of working for and with clients, and they understand that the things they say and do as individuals can reflect upon Media Molecule at large.

What you'll be doing

● Providing technical support and tutorials to business partners and potential clients
● Educating new, interdisciplinary partners of the benefits of Dreams and what the tools are capable of
● Onboard new, interdisciplinary partners to Dreams tools, features and functionalities
● Occasionally give talks and workshops about Dreams (in consultation with Sony and Mm’s PR department)
● Designing, building and delivering creative projects as part of a team
● Developing and workshopping creative pitches in collaboration with the Outreach team and Mm Directors
● Communicating ideas and project status frequently, verbally, and visually
● Attending regular project status meetings and check-ins
● Flagging any threats to project success and ambiguous areas in project descriptions or plans
● Developing tutorials, curriculum and educational materials for audiences at varying skill and age levels
● Using Mm’s standard communication and project management tools, which includes email, Slack, Google docs, Trello, and others as needed.


● Mastery of the Dreams tools and feature-set
● Familiarity with teaching and mentoring skills and methods● Ability to receive and act upon creative and professional feedback
● Ability to work autonomously and within team contexts, depending on the project
● The ability to separate personal and professional work in Dreams
● Personal project management skills
● Patience
● Honor Mm’s confidentiality and non-disclosure policies
● Excellent interpersonal skills and relationship-building
● Excellent written and spoken communication skills
● The ability to brainstorm, think creatively and work with constraints

This is a permanent position.

Before you apply

People of all backgrounds, experiences, abilities and perspectives are encouraged to apply. Media Molecule is committed to creating an inclusive and safe work environment that reflects the diversity of the world around us. We are an equal opportunity employer. Qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to their race, ethnicity, religion, gender, sexual orientation, age or disability status.

Tips for getting hired!

Words are not enough! We need to see what you make: a portfolio, showreel, demo…send us a curated selection of your work that shows just the pieces you’re most proud of. Don’t be afraid to show us your personal work alongside your professional projects… just make sure we have your best creations to look at. We’re certainly excited to see portfolios made in Dreams as well.

Be yourself. We are a studio that encourages our team think creatively, to play with new technology and jam on individual ideas. We love seeing the personality of everyone at Media Molecule reflected in Dreams and so it’s YOU and YOUR STYLE that we are interested in learning about.

Embrace collaboration. Dreams is a very collaborative project and Media Molecule loves a game jam, so we need team members that can work well together – sometimes across departments that don’t traditionally overlap. Maybe you already work on a team, or manage a guild or play in a band – we’d love to hear how you get on collaborating with others.

Go for it. Media Molecule is filled with people with all sorts of previous experiences – straight from university, from jobs outside the industry, from AAA studios and indie ones, etc. We are after people who fit the roles we are hiring for not a specific number of years in the industry. Some roles benefit from certain experience, of course, but otherwise we are very open. We make creative games, and creativity is something we all enjoy. If you are interested then please apply – and don’t forget that portfolio!

What you get

On top of all the things we already mentioned, you’ll also get to be part of a talented, diverse team of people, get a tip top benefits package, including private health and life insurance, income protection and all that jazz, a competitive salary, a winning bonus scheme, a personal development fund, being a name and not a number, free lunches, organic fruit, and really comfy chairs. Our main studio is based in Guildford, and we now also have a small office in Brighton.

If the all of those job requirements seem to be describing you, and you like the sound of working at Media Molecule, then you should apply at once!

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