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Senior Sound Designer

We are looking for a Senior Sound Designer who has a proven track record of producing awesome sounds for games and other media! This is an exciting role in Media Molecule reporting in to our Head of Audio Design and audio team.

What you’ll be doing

  • Record, edit and mix sounds, instruments and voices using a variety of mics, gear and other techniques.
  • Create sound effects, music, virtual instruments and other hybrid mixtures of sonic goodness.
  • Learn to use Dreams for sound implementation. Dreams has a full suite of audio tools, which we use to make sound effects, music and voices work in games and other interactive experiences. Dreams blurs the lines between creation, composition, sound design, engineering, logic and other interactive stuff. Our process is quite different to the normal Sound -> Audio engine -> game model!
  • Contribute to the creative conversation – Mm is a studio that encourages you to create, innovate and improvise. Your ideas really count, and you will be expected to contribute to the melting pot of Mm’s various projects. This includes thinking about how the Dreams audio engine works and how the tools can be improved


  • Games industry experience - You should have five years industry experience and have shipped at least three high quality titles.
  • Game Sound design skills - You should have a proven track record of producing awesome sounds! You should also have a nuanced and detailed understanding of what is required to make a game sound good, and be able to demonstrate that knowledge with examples of work.
  • Sound recording - You should have plenty of knowledge about sound recording, experience recording all sorts of different material, and an understanding of all the practicalities involved. This should also be demonstrable in examples of work.
  • Game implementation - You should have experience and knowledge of using various different sound implementation systems. Wwise, FMOD, unity, Unreal etc. Specific knowledge of these is not a requirement, but we are looking for high level of competence and expertise in making sounds work in a game.
  • Scripting - You should also demonstrate a working knowledge of an in-game scripting system. Experience with game logic is an important part of this role. Demonstrable knowledge using systems like UE4 Blueprints, Max MSP or other visual logic systems is highly desirable.
  • Musical skills - The candidate should show some musical knowledge and composition skills. This is not a composition job, but the ability to compose and engineer music is an important feature of this post.

This is a permanent position.

Before you apply

Media Molecule is an equal opportunity employer. Recruitment selection is based on objective, job-related criteria, as well as a commitment to diversity. Applicants will be chosen on their merits and abilities.

We are a small, diverse studio with a family vibe. Self-motivation, knowledge of your craft, and willingness to push the boundaries of what is possible are important qualities for prospective Molecules. In return, we offer flexible working, inclusivity, a highly collaborative approach to development and really quite marvellous benefits and perks.

We would like to see a current CV and a show-reel of no more than 1:30 in length, which shows ingame footage featuring your work. Any work in the reel that is not by you should be clearly identified.

We will not consider applications that do not include a showreel as described! Please do not send us links to trailers or video play-throughs of games you have worked on. We need you to select and collate your best work and show it to us.

We will conduct interviews with shortlisted candidates after which we will ask you to complete a short sound design test, and a further interview with a wider audience.

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