Energy and the Environment

Here at Media Molecule we have a commitment to the environment and have made a number of steps to be more sustainable. With the ever-present issue of climate change affecting people around the world, we like to think we do our bit for the environment we all live in.

Energy consumption

Throughout 2017 we made new efforts to reduce our energy consumption in our offices in Guildford and Brighton. In the spring we installed electricity usage meters which allow us to track our usage on a minute-to-minute basis. Having access to this data has allowed us to calculate our base-rate of energy consumption, so we're now able to monitor our efficiency saving measures and see the effect they are having.

Our Brighton office runs on 100% renewable electricity from Good Energy.

Electric Vehicle charging

At the start of 2017 we installed our first Electric Vehicle charging point in our car park, allowing for Molecules commuting from further afield to charge up their car easily, dramatically reducing their emissions getting to work.

Our charging point was installed by some very friendly people at Pod-Point and it is called Sean-Rick (we did enquire as to whether Rick-James was available but alas he was not). We have not yet decided upon a hair colour, so we're still trying things out in that regard.

Kitchen waste

Our amazing chefs Kath and Eoin create delicious meals for us every day, meaning we have a reasonable amount of waste from our kitchen to deal with. In addition to recycling as much of this as possible: card, paper, glass, plastics and metals; we also collect all our organic (cooked and raw) waste for composting locally. Plus, we're making huge efforts to reduce our plastic waste. Read more about what we've been up to with reducing our plastic waste.

Sourcing our food

All our meat is sourced from local butchers and is free-range. Our fish is always MSC Certified and we only buy fish in season and never buy fish which is listed as at-risk. Our small balcony garden provides us with nearly all of our fresh herbs for cooking, and occasionally a few extras like fresh tomatoes and runner beans.

The meat industry is a huge source of methane and other greenhouse gas emissions; reducing meat consumption is a small step we can all take to help affect climate change. As such, we do not cook with meat for every meal and have at least one meat-free day a week. We always have vegetarian options.

You can also read more about how Sony and PlayStation work to reduce their environmental impact.