We make games

We all love making and playing games at Mm. But specifically we are here to make them, the playing is just a bonus.


Feb 2020

Dreams™ is a space where you go to play and experience the dreams of Media Molecule and our community.

Tearaway UnfoldedTearaway Unfolded

Sep 2015

Tearaway™ Unfolded for PlayStation®4 is an expanded retelling of the BAFTA award-winning Tearaway™, with an even bigger, more beautiful world to explore.


Nov 2013

Adventure through a vibrant papery world with your new friend iota, a plucky messenger with a unique message to deliver—to you!

LittleBigPlanet 2LittleBigPlanet 2

Jan 2011

An ethereal dream-scape of adventure and possibilities. An abstract plane of beautiful wonderment just waiting to be explored. And you can go there now...


Oct 2008

If you were to try to imagine a more astounding, fantastic, and creative place, full of enthralling adventure and brilliant things to do, you couldn’t