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Close your eyes, lean back, imagine sun pouring in through the window, warming your back. A little laughter, the clink of glasses, ‘pass the butter’, a story told, your shoulders relaxed, a smile on your face, memories made, problems solved, journeys and adventures plotted. What better thing in life than to share a meal, the table, some conversation? Something simple and wholesome maybe, but the chance to be convivial together is priceless.

In our minds the kitchen is undoubtedly at the heart of the Molecule. A place for morning coffee, a slice of toast, a chat, a hug, chop an onion, a sneaky taster, share a recipe, acquire a top tip, mull over a conundrum, take a breather. It’s one o’clock, let’s sit down together, breathe out, say hi, and tuck in.

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The Kitchen at the Molecule is an open, accepting, fluid place. We cook, we chat, we socialise, we play ping pong, we look out for each other, we welcome friends, family, visitors, we play music, we eat A LOT of cake, we raise a glass, and it knits and binds us together. All those small things that build together to form a core. Soft, fluffy, and not always tangible but without which our working day would be… less.

Real estate in Surrey is expensive, meaning a lack of local vegetable growers, and so we choose to work with small independent suppliers – a family run greengrocer and a local butcher. Our dry goods come from Suma, an ethical, vegetarian cooperative with clear policies on sourcing, workers’ rights, equality and fair tax. Our fish comes from Brixham Harbour in the southwest, from day boats where possible. In short, we always work to understand our supply routes and strive for improvement.

Our policy for the kitchen is straightforward. Across the course of a week, we aim for:

  • Nutritional balance. We might have chicken wings on a Friday, but the day before will have been a nourishing broth piled high with finely-sliced crunchy veggies.
  • Everything cooked from scratch on site, with the exception of delicious bread which comes direct from a nearby bakery. This keeps the additives low and the nutrients high. We avoid processed food.
  • At least two, maybe three days with an entirely vegetarian menu, allowing us to both reduce our meat consumption and manage our costs.
  • Minimal waste, with a proactive packaging reduction programme in place. We link with our local food bank, community fridge and day centre to provide accessible meals if we do have leftovers.
  • An inclusive setting, where lunch is a delight for everyone.

Pop by for a cuppa. We’d love to see you.

Kath & Eoin

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