2000AD Costumes: Hammerstein

Today on the PSN Store (not right now, but a bit later) there will be a set of five costumes for LittleBigPlanet based on characters from classic British sci-fi comic series 2000AD. Each day this week we’ve been revealing each costume, and today is the last one. Coming up soon we’ll also have an exclusive interview with Pat Mills, creator of 2000AD and Judge Dredd.

So who is it, the missing link, the fifth costume in the set? Well you’ve already read the headline, so I don’t know why we’re still bothering with the suspense… here he is, Hammerstein.



Years after the Volgan occupation of Western Europe, the United States began a counter-invasion to liberate the area. The invasion had a secret alternate objective however – Earth’s oil reserves were running low and America wished to seize the Volgan’s oil for their own.

The US forces created expendable robot soldiers to take on this task, and named them the ABC Warriors, robots designed to wage war across any terrain in any kind of combat, be it atomic, bacterial or chemical. The first two models were failures. The Mk I robot was an effective killer but could not recognise civilians; the Mk II was given moral values and became a pacifist. The Mk III was given artificial values and emotions, just enough to stop him slaughtering civilians but not question why he was fighting.

The mark IV would be called Hammerstein. He was field-tested by serving with a human regiment where he faced and overcame ‘robophobia’ from his comrades, and came to be a trusted soldier under Sergeant “Country” Farmer’s command. The human generals were pleased by this and began to withdraw human soldiers & mass produce robot ones.

Hammerstein was promoted to sergeant and began to lead the new war robots.

Read more about Hammerstein.

The Hammerstein costume will be available as part of the 2000AD Costume Pack released TODAY on the PSN Store. More information about pricing and contents coming soon.


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