3D scanning update: I love the internets

Dave Processed

3d scanning update! after a few more experiments, I uploaded some very ropey (and non-interactive) 3d scanner code to the david-lasercanning forum, along with some mugshots of Mm’s Dave Smith. And, bless him, a chap called Florian from The Internet posted a comment to my previous post here, with a running version of my code – complete with interactively rotatable 3d scan of Dave! OMG!  I hope he’ll forgive me for reposting the link he put in the comment, in this post: you can get this file and when you run it, you should see a 3d mugshot of Mm’s own dave that’s rotatable with mouse. If I had a little more skill with processing, I probably could have embedded the java applet version in this page, but, er, I don’t know how at this late point in the day :)

But how do you run it then, I hear you ask? it’s a port of my C++ code to processing, and processing runs on any platform with java. linux, mac, pc, etc. so get thee forthwith to, and download the right version for you. then, once you’ve sussed out the processing interface, load up Florian’s ‘.pde’ file, click ‘play’, and behold the awesome 3d scan-ness. All from 3 simple black and white photos… hurrah.


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