A Molecule Sing Song

Every week, our teeny Molecule choir gets together to sing some songs and have a bit of a giggle. We always have such a great time; singing really is good for the soul and we heartily recommend it! Once every so often (when we pluck up the courage) we record our singing sessions and our latest recording was too good not to share with you all :)

Unfortunately I was away for this particular session so I missed out on singing one of my absolute favourite songs 'The Auld Triangle', a beautiful folk song with the most incredible harmonies. Listen to Mark, Dan and Tom sing along with our lovely teacher Anna Tabbush, who is a fantastic choir leader and musician (she's also currently teaching me the violin!) so be sure to check out her website!

Take it away folky folks!

Mm Choir Sings 'The Auld Triangle'

What do you think? Don't they sound lovely? :) If you have any songs you'd love to hear us sing, let us know in the comments below!

Faa la la laa!


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