Abbie is going to PAX West!

Pax West Logo

It’s that time of the year again folks! Pax West, one of our favourite events on the calendar is almost upon us and it’ll be kicking off this weekend on September 1st in Seattle, Washington (a fine city indeed). While we won’t have an official presence at the show this time around, don’t be too dis-heartened because our awesome Communications Manager, Abbie Heppe will be speaking on a couple panels, as well as hanging out around the show and catching Pokémon (we see you Abbie) ;)

You can see her (and badger her for some sweet Mm badges!) moderate the DIY: The Intersection Between Crafting and Game Development panel on Sunday 9/3, 11 AM-12 PM at the Hippogriff Theater and on the Origin Stories panel 12PM-1PM at the Sphinx Theater on Monday 9/4. Drop us a note if you’re planning to attend either of these panels, we always love to see you folks and say hello whilst we’re out and about.

If you were lucky enough to score PAX passes, we hope you have an amazing time, and if you spot any LBP or Tearaway cosplay, be sure to share with us!


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