Aleks Krotoski interviews Mark and Alex

Two weeks ago,  a little gang of Molecules attended the Game Developer’s Conference in San Francisco. Here they would give various talks, hang out with Tim Schafer, eat some giant burgers, and win several shiny prestigious awards (yay!).

Straight after one of their talks, Aleks Krotoski of the Guardian Games Blog managed to grab 20 odd minutes with Mark and Alex, to discuss the lessons they feel they’ve learned from creating LittleBigPlanet, and what they hope to achieve in the future.

This might be slightly old news, but the view count on the Youtube page tells me not many of you have seen it! :)  You should give it a shot, it contains some good nuggets, such as Mark revealing he comes from Ipswich, and how unhappy he is with wobble bolts. Ok, Ok there’s more than that, see for yourself!

Part one

Part two is available over here on Google Video.


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