Alex Talks Screen Time vs Play Time with The Guardian

Alex sat down for a chat with The Guardian recently to talk about his thoughts on 'screen time vs play time', a discussion about tech usage amongst children. In the article, he talks about how he deals with the abundance of technology present in everyday life as a parent. Should you limit your child's usage? Or does technology help to encourage creativity in young children? Check out a short snippet from Alex below, and click here to read the full article!


Stripes FTW!

I don’t play games myself, but I’ve always been obsessed with making them. When I was a child, I’d wake up at five in the morning and play Lego until I went to sleep, and then it was computers – to make my Lego models come to life. My parents chose not to limit me, because I think my mum, who is a composer, decided it was sufficiently creative. I put in my 10,000 hours, and it is now my profession. So with my kids, if I feel they’re doing something that is sufficiently creative or stimulating, I’ll let them carry on. As long as there are other things in their lives, like reading and playing outside and everything else, it doesn’t bother me.

Alex Evans


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