Alex will be at Edge's Hype Conference

Our Technical wizard Alex Evans will be heading to the bright lights of London next year for the forthcoming Hype game conference, which takes place on 14th January at the Ham Yard Hotel.

Alex will be taking to the stage along with many other renowned industry talents including Phil Harrison (Alloy Platform Industries), David Braben (Frontier Developments), Dave Jones (Reagent Games) and Henrique Olifiers (Bossa Studios).


The conference aims to discuss video gaming's future, centered on the creativity and technology of games, not the business of games. Alex will be there with Dreams and he'll be taking conference-goers on a tour of our latest project, sharing his tales of development and experiences so far.

There's still time to buy tickets if you fancy it folks! Head on over to their website to find out more and to book tickets!


Dreams at Hype Game Conference 2016


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