Amy shares her advice for young game designers with BAFTA!

BAFTA have recently started a new blog series as part of their 'Young Game Designers Competition' called 'Let's hear it for the ladies'. This new series explores the diverse and varied roles that women have within the games industry, each time meeting a different lady to hear her story of how they got into games along with sharing their knowledge and advice for those hoping to make it in the industry!

Amy Small

Amy writing code at her desk :)

In the first part of this new series, BAFTA sat down with our very own Amy Phillips, High Priestess of Online Code here at Mm to find out how she started working in games, what her current job role entails and to hear her advice for budding young games makers.

My job title is High Priestess of Online Code (Network Programmer), but my job has morphed a bit since having kids and going part time. Now, I do tools programming and network coding, and wherever I see a gap do something useful to fill it!

Amy Phillips, 'Let's hear it for the ladies' BAFTA Interview

You can read Amy's full interview over on BAFTA's website!


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