Announcing our next game: Tearaway!


Today is an exciting day. It’s the day we can finally unveil one of the projects we are working on here at Mm! We have all been working very hard and it’s our pleasure to share with you our newest labour of love, Tearaway, a 3D adventure for PS Vita.

Alex and Rex have just stepped off the stage at Sony’s Press Conference as part of GamesCom 2012 in Cologne, Germany, where the world got its first little peek at what we’ve been giddily squirreling away on.


Tearaway is kind of like a buddy movie. It stars iota, a messenger from a paper dimension whose envelope head contains an urgent message to deliver…to you! It’s a very special message, and one that’s unique for each and every player. In order to read yours, you’ll need to take up the role of co-star and, together with iota, journey through the vibrant papery landscape—two buddies going on an epic adventure to deliver this important message.
You and iota will travel afar, taking on enemies and helping those in need. You’ll conquer adversity, and discover magical papery surprises. You directly control iota’s running, jumping, frolicking and more. But with this game, you the player are holding more than just a PS Vita in your hands; you’re holding the paper world itself! 
Using the god-like powers inherent to someone who can hold an entire world in their giant hands, you can make your presence felt using a whole range of godly powers that take advantage of all of the Vita’s bells and whistles—some subtle and some epic. You can shake things up or turn them upside down. A gentle breath from you is a gusty storm. You can even poke your fingers into the back of the PS Vita to tear through into the world and help iota complete this very special delivery.

With Tearaway, we’re looking to create an adventure game with a twist, where you, the player, can literally get stuck in using all of PS Vita’s novel inputs like backtouch, tilt sensors, camera, and microphone to connect you to iota and the paper world. 

As you can see, it’s a bit different to what we’ve done before, and it’s very exciting to be stretching our creative muscles in new ways. Having said that, Tearaway is still very much an extension of the creative gaming genre, so rest assured you’ll be able to personalise and customise your world to your heart’s content. We’ll have to be secret Susans about that until a later date though!


Interestingly enough, whilst with LittleBigPlanet you could create any real thing in the game, anything you see in Tearaway’s papercraft world can be created in the real world from bits of paper!  If you want to give that a try right now, (and we know you do) head on over to and download the plans to make your very own customisable Tearaway Papercraft Elk, as seen in the trailer. Get your craft on people, and please remember to share your Elks with us on the Tearaway Facebook page, or via Twitter!

It’s going to be an interesting new journey for Mm, and one we’re very much looking forward to going on with you!

Oh! As Steve Jobs famously used to say, we have one more thing… and funnily enough, it’s Jobs! We’re hiring for a new designers to come and help us make Tearaway, check out the jobs page for more info.

Tearaway Website:
Twitter: @tearawaygame