Announcing our Winning Engine Name for Dreams!

Our good friends over at Dream Bubble recently ran a competition on their forums to help us come up with an awesome new name for the Dreams engine! The competition ran for just over two weeks and during that time we saw so many wonderful suggestions come in, and we knew it was going to be a very hard task to pick one as the winner.

Luckily, we had help from the Dream Bubble staff to narrow down the entries to a short list of 5 finalists; Lucid, Pillow, George, Nebula and BubbleBath! What a rad selection to choose from! We then put this short list in front of the Molecules and asked them to vote for their favourite and it didn't take long to see who the winner was!

We've just announced the winning name on our Twitch live stream this afternoon, so without further ado, the Dreams engine will forever be known as...*drum roll please*!...



David Desu's winning name and logo for BubbleBath!

Mega congratulations to David Desu for coming up with the fantastic name of BubbleBath for our Dreams engine and for designing this super rad logo seen above! It was a clear winner from the start and we absolutely love the bubbly, fun and happy meaning to the name! You rock David, thanks for such a brilliant suggestion!

If you didn't catch it live, watch our Twitch live stream again on our channel here:

Hooray for BubbleBath!


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